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Want to control LED tape with your Arduino? How about lightbulbs, speakers, power modules, or IR transmitters? The Arduino isn't going to provide enough power on its own - you need a transistor or a FET.

This week's stream will continue our look at Arduino, the most popular microcontroller on the planet. We'll look at bipolar-transistors and FETs - what are they, why do we need them, and how to connect them to an Arduino. It's time to get powerful.

Topics Include:

--What are bipolar transistors?
--What are FETs?
--How to select the right transistor or FET for your product?
--Using transistors and FETs to drive high power/high voltage loads, including:
----LED tape

And some programming topics like:
--shiftin() and shiftout() and the use of shift registers
--The switch-case command structure

As always, code examples and wiring diagrams for this week's stream are at:

Grab a cold one and come join me live as we make stuff every Sunday night at 7pm CDT.


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