Chauvet Professional - Thursday Tech Talk Series

Chauvet Professional has added a new Thursday Tech Talk Series to its extensive training library to help lighting designers and programmers acquire new skills and sharpen existing ones. The series will be streamed every Thursday at 2:00pm EST (7:00pm GMT) on Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and YouTube Live. Conducted by Chauvet Professional product managers, Thursday Tech Talks will feature "How To," "New Tech," and "Design Tip" formats covering a wide range of lighting and video wall subjects. The recorded sessions will also be available anytime at

The April schedule of Thursday Tech Talks includes:
* Field Servicing For Moving Heads, which covers suggested cleaning supplies, and practical tips on checking moving parts, cleaning optics, removing dust and grime buildup, and setting up a cleaning schedule. April 9
* Pixel Mapping Products Without Using Dedicated Pixel Mapping Software, which shows how to create stunning images across multiple fixture types using a lighting desk. April 16
* Red Shift, which offers a description of Red Shift and explores how the different ways it is achieved with LED fixtures. Also included is a sneak peek at upcoming innovations in some popular Ovation products. April 23
* Preset Synch Function, which looks at how syncing the menu settings of your lights in advance can save countless hours of set-up time. April 30
A session on "Setting Up F-Series Ground Support and Curve Kit" was streamed on April 2 and is now available for viewing on the Chauvet Professional training page.

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