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E-Bay Auction Restriction: prohibits posts (anywhere on referring to specific online auctions (such as E-Bay) for soliciting more auction bids. Replies to Want Ads here in the classifieds section that point to auctions, there-by pointing the person looking for something to a specific auction, we allow. The intent is to prevent the advertisement of auctions by sellers soliciting auction bids. You will find this general rule on most e-mail lists and message boards that are out there. In addition, we do not allow nor do we encourage posts with pointers to auctions with the intent of asking a question about some aspect of the item for sale. It boils down to, if you are the seller in an auction, you should not be posting an unsolicited ad pointing to that auction on the website. If you have a question about whether or not a post is appropriate, contact the Senior Team via private message.
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Nov 8, 2013
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