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Sales is primarily an education forum. While we welcome members from all fields does not support or allow public or private sales on Nor does or will it stand behind any products, sales or products offered on the forum other than to advise the reader that there are many suppliers and distributors out there with a variety of pricing and product range that have not posted; that, in fairness, should also be kept in mind. Abuse of these policies for commerce other than absolutely necessary in being sole supplier of a very specific product will result in a warning or possible loss of membership privileges. Intent is to take off one's hat and talk tech, and in no way develop intended business sales other than by way of association where appropriate and kept off line out of fairness to all retail sources. If you have any questions about whether your post would violate these rules, please contact a member of the Senior Team via private message. The spirit of this rule is this: Members promoting their products or services privately thru PM or thru the rare post are expected to contribute in other ways as well and if they want to promote a product or service without participating in other ways they are welcome to become an advertiser.
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Nov 8, 2013
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