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Use the search. We have provided a very powerful search tool whose link you can find in the main menu bar. Before creating a new thread, use the search to make sure another member has not already posted the same or similar topic within the past year.

When posting, try not to ask stupid questions. We are familiar with the belief that, "There are no stupid questions — only stupid people." On the Internet, however, the first is not always the case. A stupid question is one that you could have found the answer to yourself if you would have just searched the website, or one that you're asking in the wrong place. If you search and don't find the answer to your question, and you have reason to believe that you are looking for the answer in the right place, go ahead and ask. Fortunately, most surfers are kindly folks who will be happy to help you out, even if some may consider your question to be stupid. However, it is only polite to take advantage of their time if you absolutely have to, so be sure to search first.
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Nov 8, 2013
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