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Do not release your home address, pictures, phone numbers, employers, or any other personal information with anyone unless you are certain you want that information out there in cyberspace, Google indexes this site daily, so anything you post will rapidly be available the anybody on the internet. Be vigilant by knowing with whom you are communicating, what they will be using that information for, and why they are asking you for it. Be smart; be safe. While the majority of the members of the community have good intentions and truly try to help each other grow, we are not your parents. We cannot control where you go and what you do, nor can we protect you. Utilize good judgment in all communications that you send through this, and any, website.

While we protect your email address that is listed in your profile, (it only appears to visitors that are logged-in) we cannot guarantee the privacy of anything you post in a publicly accessible thread, and thus you should never post your email address to one. Spammers have gotten quite cunning in obtaining addresses from the Internet. Unless it's in a PM, (which are secure and only you, the recipient, and board administrators can read) anyone and anything can harvest that address for nefarious reasons. This is just a suggestion however, and not an absolute rule. Nevertheless, don't come crying to us if your email inbox fills up faster than a roadcase after a concert.
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Nov 8, 2013
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