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  1. Ancient Engineer
    Ahhhh.... the Philco Predicta.... All of this series of TVs were super awesome (unless you had to work on one...). I have a friend that retrofitted a LCD behind the mask and used a Pi to...
  2. Ben Robertson
    Any advise on jig design on methodology to get this lens fit correctly would be greatly appreciated, also any recommendation of other forums that may be able to shed some insight great.
  3. mikefellh
    My high school auditorium back in the 80's had one of those!
  4. BillConnerFASTC
    The gong man! Those were the days. I only designed and speced a few of these.
  5. BillConnerFASTC
    I'm not sure quite what you have in this system, if even the pipe and wire for branch circuits can be reused, nor do I know if you have nay other existing equipment; but do consider just getting...
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