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    Old Superior Electric stuff . . . .

    Is it in any way controllable by DMX or AMX? If it is, I'm printing this topic out and heading straight to administration to beg them to pay shipping! :D
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    number of dimmers and channel capacity of high schools

    I'd love to get some pics of it! Never seen a dimmer that old! :D
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    check it out

    I got a 404 Error when I tried accessing the main site.... :?:
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    Movers with an Express 125

    True...True....Now, if there was only somehow to get WYSIWYG for free! :D
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    Movers with an Express 125

    I'm just waiting for our LCD intellabeam controller to die...then I can use the expressboard to control them! :D
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    Lighting tech Names

    How about...Master of the luminaire? The Sun? Creator of light? Or mabey even "Be nice to me or I'll Kill the house lighting and then put the I-beams in seizure mode durring your performance?" :D
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    number of dimmers and channel capacity of high schools

    Sorry producer, I regret the mistakes!! :)
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    Desperate for money, so sorry

    Just Showing my support.....THINK DIFFERENT! :D
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    Yes, a free ofline visualizer would be PERFECT! :D Especially if it were any of the programs listed connect to the ETC Express board 125 via ETC Connect? Or would one have to buy a dongle? :?
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    A big welcome to our newest member!!!!!!!!

    After all this intellabeam troubleshooting, an answer that will affect them has finally come! Well, at least for the two most troublsome ones, they are being shipped off to christie lights, Vancouver for fixing! The only problem is that they have been in storage for about a month now waiting to...
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    yo from Dan

    And dan!, I'm glad that there is someone else my age out there as well, now i don't feel so lonesome! :D ( And producer, yes, you did get my name right!)
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    yo from Dan

    Awww! :oops: Thanks! Good to see you back on producer!
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    something wrong with WYSIWYG 10

    Just a general Question, Do you have to have the WYSIWYG dongle, or could it be lany DMX to USB dongle (like from the wholehog PC for example) :? Just out of curiosity - 12yearold
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    number of dimmers and channel capacity of high schools

    We had to RENT a dimmer for west side story we did a few years back! :cry: