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    Best Cyc Light

    Yup its the codas for me too, we have 4 of the 3unit ones and i think 12 of the single unit ones. Superb lights, nice even spread, and built like tanks !!
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    Rack Rails

    I wish I could I had to fabricate my own for quite a few mixers where they no longer stocked the rack ears for. Not too bad if you live close to or know someone that is good at metalwork.
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    Analog (0 -10v) Control Thats the unit I use at the moment and its really good maybe a tad too big for your use though !! Try googling for a smaller Demux unit I am sure you will find something. The only problem with Zero88 packs is that they wire their analogue differently so...
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    Greetings from Manchester, UK

    Placed my icon !! This place looks good guys I think I will be posting here more and more often !! Keep up the great work !!
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    Analog (0 -10v) Control

    Hi there, It may be best to find a demux unit, which basically converts an analgoue signal to DMX so that you can use it with a computerised unit and corresponding software. Where abouts exactly are you based I might be able to come and help sort stuff out if you got stuck ! :) I thought...
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    Greetings from Manchester, UK

    Hi Guys, I signed up ages ago but managed to forget my usename and password but now sorted again. I do sound and lighting in the Uk everything from coperate to childrens parties and also run the uks only sound and lighting community. At the moment I have a really small rig that I...
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    Go on then !! Might as well promote my own. - - The Uks only sound and lighting community, news. reviews and more. Forums too !! :