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    Janky Light Hangs

    You might want to check that math to include loading of the threads and how it factors into the ultimate yield strength rather than just the root areas yield strength.
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    Design Issues and Solutions DIY LED cluster

    I should mention that bookshelf amp is fed by a separate line level signal and is completely independent of the speakers and amp.
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    Design Issues and Solutions DIY LED cluster

    Here's a couple of videos of some light reactive LEDs I put together. I got lucky, the bookshelf amp happened to peak at 20V, the diodes are rated at 18V and the voltage drop across the bridge rectifier I used was 2V. It was a pretty lucky scenario though, the LED arrays were available to...
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    How to achieve this

    You could try a RGB or CMY lighting from top and bottom. What you'll end up is the shadows from one source being colored by the second source and vice-a-versa. Ideally you'd have a nice RGB LED fixture which could produce the colors very effectively.
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    1/8" (Macbook Pro) to Mixer (1/4" or XLR?)

    This is the most basic device I could recommend for the job. Some cheaper PC-DI boxes just bind the two channels to a mono output which usually you want to avoid.
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    1/8" (Macbook Pro) to Mixer (1/4" or XLR?)

    I've personally used Presonus FireStudio and FireStudio Project, Focusrite Saffire Pro24, Motu Ultralite MK3, and HRT Music Streamer HD computer audio interfaces. They all work fairly similarly, the Motu is probably the worst to deal with if you're new to the audio interface game as it's...
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    Microphones Any ideas on making a ISOMAX 4RF wireless with a bodypack

    I would vote for pulling new cable to the podium. A good shielded balanced mic cable should work great over 200 feet.
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    70v speaker volume

    If you have a multitap transformer on it you could try that. Maybe replace the speaker with on that has a grill mounted volume control. Mount a volume control next to the speakers in ceiling (code compliance?). Replace the transformer with a different one.
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    Laptop Thunderbolt, Display Port & HDMI to SDI with EDID.

    HDMI is going to to be your more common connector for use with converters. BlackMagic Designs has this model. Blackmagic Design: Mini Converters Models Mini Converter HDMI to SDI Don't know about EDID though since I don't think you can transfer EDID data over SDI you just need to set the...
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    Generic drill batteries?

    You could rebuild them yourself, pre-tabbed batteries are fairly easy to come by. Personally I wouldn't use an off brand lithium ion anything if I could avoid it. How long did your batteries last?
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    Sound FX organization

    You can put Spotlight comments on files and using the Search under Finder you will bring up files. The downside is it won't organize by comment and you only see the name of the file not the comments unless you open up the Info pane on the file.
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    Rigging a S4

    I agree with others you don't want to put a right arm or other extension hanging off that pipe. The only thing I can think is to either top hang or bottom hang your S4 then throw a Beam Bender on it. You'll get about 18" of extension from the pipe. Beam Bender
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    Tiffin Scenic's Restrictor Rope Lock

    Also doesn't take fatigue into account, maybe you can handle that out of balance for 5 feet, 10 feet, even 20 feet. If you get fatigued it still won't help. I've been satisfied with our JR Clancy Sure Lock units. Though if these rope locks can handle 1200lbs that is pretty impressive in itself...
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    My first theatre job

    $8.50/hr doing carpentry at the community college I attend. Up to $14 in about 2 years.
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    Schedule 40 Pipe Inverted Tees

    I believe The Light Source quoting a SWL of 1100# represents the safety factor, possibly 1:10.