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    Twister Tempest Domes Weep Hole Drill

    Hey guys, We are installing some Twister domes base up, and the manual says to use 'included tapered acrylic drill bits' to drill weep holes on the lowest point. Would anyone happen to know what the specs of these bits are? Of course we either misplaced ours or never got them. I am chatting...
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    Design Issues and Solutions Lost fixtures in MA3D

    Hey all, So it seems like I have lost some fixtures in my MA3D showfile. They are still patched in the console, but wont show up in 3D and have no items in the "Fixture Positions" tab in the patch. Anyone know how I get them to show up again without repatching them? Thanks
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    Candle Model for MA3D?

    Hey guys, I have some led candle fixtures in a show that we control by dmx, and I want to put them in our 3D show model so I can do some better preprogramming. They are currently in as the generic conventional model, which is a bit hard to see as I have turned the beams off. I was wondering if...
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    Control/Dimming MA3D Not connecting with MA2 Console

    This took me forever too!! First time I ran into this one I thought I was going crazy, haha. I actually might print this picture out and put it in our LX Lab so others don't spend time on this issue too. Thanks!! Thanks!! The versions are the same, and I did leave and recreate sessions a...
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    Control/Dimming MA3D Not connecting with MA2 Console

    This is driving me so crazy that it finally made me make an account here, so apologies for the newness and if this happens to be in the wrong forum. I am running MA3D on a Mac through bootcamp and have an MA2 Light console. The MA3D sees the session that the console has created but will not...