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    Flambee on stage!

    I am working on a production of One Man Two Guvnors and there is a scene in which there is a some form of flambee. I was wondering if anyone had any input on how we could do this. We dont want to use real fire due to fire marshal costs but need the effect. The ideas i have so far are leds in...
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    Control/Dimming Regular dimmers to DMX

    We currently have three regular in wall dimmers that power the house lights in our theatre. We want to get them converted so they can run on the board. We also have a very limited number of dimmers so we were thinking use a dimmer pack. would the best option just be to spice the wire in the...
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    Enttec Aleph 2

    Does anyone have any experience with these units? I am interested in purchasing a few but i haven't heard anything about them really. Any input?
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    VectorWorks Alternative ?

    Does anyone have any good FREE alternatives to vector works for doing plots?
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    Recommend me a zone mixer

    Allen & Heath GR05 .
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    Control/Dimming Martin M-PC Visualizer

    I just installed the M-PC free software and i was wondering how i get the visualizer to work with it. I click it from the menu but nothing launches. Is there something special i need to do?
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    Intercom wish list

    Hi everyone. I am coming to you today to ask you what your dream intercom/headset system would look like. I am forming a new company to produce very reasonably priced intercom systems and would love to incorporate items from everyone wishlist in the final product. If you wouldn't mind please...