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    ANSI performer flying standard

    Excellent point! Thank you for that. We have already amended our rental contract to reference the standard as a requirement for any group planning on performer flying.
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    ANSI performer flying standard

    Bill, I am going to put you down as a "no". ;)Ron, thanks for your comment. For me, I am not sure how their ground rig changes the situation enough. They could say, to take a different example, it is our scenery - regardless of how rickety and poorly built. I would still feel a...
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    ANSI performer flying standard

    Very glad to have this and a large thank you to everyone that worked so long and hard on it. I run mid sized PAC and since we opened 5 years ago it has been our policy that anyone using the facility wanting to do performer flying needed to engage a qualified, certified rigger or company...
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    Automated Fixtures Purchasing Moving Lights

    Have you looked at the High End Sola Spot? have 6 of them and they are proving quite nice. They just announced a new unit with framing shutters. Not sure when they will ship.Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Who is heading to LDI?

    I'll be there Thurs. through Sunday AM. Be glad to meet up with folks if something comes together.
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    Day camp problems...

    And I only say this because you have gotten some actual advice already: If you start doing dance recitals I can re-post this. :rolleyes:
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    Automated Fixtures Chauvet COLORado Wash Units

    Barbizon did a demo for us last summer in our space with the COLORado and the Desires. I'll agree with the other posters that the additional LED colors of the ETC unit makes a huge difference in performance. Whether that difference is important in your application is something you need to...
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    Conventional Fixtures Safety Cabling Top Hats/Barndoors

    Well, there you go. A whole thread about cardboard frames.
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    Conventional Fixtures Safety Cabling Top Hats/Barndoors

    Indeed. I have seen a frame fall from an electric at half that height stick right into the stage floor like knife thrown in a circus act. For a while the paper frames were popular option but I have not seem them in a while. Of course they did often char from the heat of higher watt fixture...
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    Stage Floor Replacement

    Re: Resurfacing Stage Floor or new?Interesting about the higher quality hardboard vs. MDF. Our two year old facility has had a problem with gaff tape pulling up the top layer of MDF if it is down for any length of time or really pressed into the floor. We tried different types of MDF...
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    Piano Dolly

    rock chalk google hawk Jansen Grand Piano Dolly, Spider Dolly, Move your Grand Piano Kansas City Piano Store | Exclusive Steinway Dealer in Kansas City | Schmitt Music Overland Park, KS | Piano, Organ, Digital Piano | KS MO The spider dollies, in the first link, are the adjustable most...
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    Securing supply cables on a batten.

    Not acceptable! How in the world could it be faster to unwind cable in between and around fixtures and other cable rather than simply untying a knot? Not to mention the resulting spaghetti once you have 4 or 5 circuits overlapping each other.ack
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    How many safeties on a PAR-bar?

    I agree with Les and this thinking. Except for the part in the signature about the fire ants.
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    Conventional Fixtures LED Cyc light help

    Nick, you should come by and check out our Spectra's. We find they are best at the saturated colors. They don't do as well with the more subtle pastels. LilH, we find they work best no closer than 4'-5' away from the Cyc. Our house is not large and the cyc is only 23'h x 40'w (lit area)...
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    Musical Theatre uncool?

    Re: Musical Theatre uncool?well.....yes of course :rolleyes: but.....I agree that the article raises some really interesting points and I agree with much of what he says. The point about sound design is particularly interesting to me. How do you stay true to the requirements of the music...