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    ACT Theatre in Seattle, WA is looking for a Master Electrician

    Hey all, ACT Theatre is in the market for a Master Electrician. Position is open until filled. We are a union house.
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    Death rattle of the PAR64, continued.

    Hey friends, I am sure you have heard of the death of the PAR64 lamp by now. I've told my development department to find me several hundred thousand dollars to replace all my PAR64s with LED fixtures but that's gonna take a while. Another company has popped up selling replacement lamps made in...
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    Finally joined instead of lurking

    Howdy folks, Nick here. Stage Operations Supervisor of ACT Theatre in Seattle, WA. After years of lurking and looking for help on these forums via Google I thought I should finally just join. We just replaced an old Rosco ET IPS dimmer rack, so if anyone needs spare parts, please let me know...