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    New lighting guy in Germany

    Hey DinoDude. Where are you situated? I am in Hamburg and Stuttgart. Maybe we can meet for a chat about lighting?
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    Research and Training

    Try the free student version.
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    Is it possible to use uDMX with ETCnomad?

    There is a fundamental difference between a dongle and an interface. uDMX is an Interface and not a dongle A dongle is a software protection device and basically helps the developer to get money for the work they are doing. Some manufacturers combine their interface with a dongle.
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    Help for ID PAR

    I did not meant it personally. I just wonder were in this time of accessible data all this wrong information coming from. ;-) You are trying to get knowledge and this is absolutely fine. Sorry that I can not identify this lighting instrument but I am not in my office right now.
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    Help for ID PAR

    I am always stunned by postings like this. What makes you think this lantern is called a PAR? Actually it is a PC lantern. PC stands for plano convex (pebble convex, prism convex) and describes the form of the lens.
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    ETC Element offline and visualiser

    Hello Dan and welcome. Have a look at Runs on Mac and there is a student version free of charge.
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    LightWright Auto Balancing Issues

    Sorry if this sounds rude, but why not going the easy way and ask John himself?
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    Conventional Fixtures Creating pure white light with a tungsten fixture

    Don't forget that you can't tell the colour temperature of a light from a video because this depends on the white balance setting of the cameras.
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    Control/Dimming Strand 200 Plus 48/96 Console

    LOL That was certainly true in the good old days.
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    What does this Russian lady want??

    I think what she wants is the tubular ripple projector from city theatrical. Have fun.
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    Control/Dimming Sandnet and ESP Vision

    Hello BishopHumbaba, regarding Sandnet I can speak with Yngve Sandboe. I just need to know how to contact you outside of ControlBooth. Please send me a PM. Alexander
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    Light booth paint color?

    I had to deal with a lot of mirror walls on stage in my life. Therefor I would go with a colour that goes with the design of the venue, maybe a little darker to compensate the desk lights and the light emanating from the console monitors. Alexander