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    Installing CTO filter in Chauvet Intimidator 475z

    Hi Lightpainter76,Since the dichroic colors are all glued together and cannot be removed, the CTO filter gets installed into any of the GOBO slots with a simple swap of the gobo you like the least.
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    Chauvet DJ US and Europe Only?

    Hi Jeff,Chauvet is a global company and some markets will get different fixtures depending on the demand and this is a great example of that. Based on our research, the GoboZap effect was desired more in Europe than it was in the USA so that is why it has a EU flag on the website and is not...
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    Hi Skarlet,The EVEP140VW ($399) and EVEF50Z ($479) are fantastic options that will fit your requirements and budget. Both fixtures are fan-less and offer 100% silent operation. The EVEP140VW is variable white fixture and ranges from 2700 - 13000 K while the EVEF50Z is fixed at 3500 K. Both...
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    Chauvet Slim par pro

    Hi Thompsor,Please contact our Customer Service team to help troubleshoot your SlimPAR Pro fixtures. We are available M-F from 9-5PM. The number is (800) 762-1084 and we are happy to help you!
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    Trouble with Chauvet

    Would you like for us to repair this unit again [I will cover shipping both directions] or would you like to have this unit replaced?
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    Trouble with Chauvet

    As it pertains to the bad zoom, our technician confirmed that unit with serial #08010983-0616220712 was re-calibrated, oiled and tested prior to shipping back. Would you like for us to repair this unit again [I will cover shipping both directions] or would you like to have this unit replaced?
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    Trouble with Chauvet

    Liama138,According to our system, that RMA is for the Intimidator Wash Zoom 450 IRC - not the 350. The 450 replaced the 350 some time ago and continues to be a popular product in the industry. With that said, you should not be experiencing issues upon receiving your repaired item, and knowing...
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    Trouble with Chauvet

    What is your RMA number for these fixtures?
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    Home Location of a moving Light

    Make sure the pan/tilt restrictions are not active. I suggest resetting the fixture back to factory defaults before continuing so you can start from a clean slate [you will obviously need to re-address the fixture afterwards because this will clear that info as well]. Make sure TOTEM MODE is...
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    Random LED flicker question

    It happens. We'll get you taken care of when you call. :) Happy giggin'!
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    Random LED flicker question

    Hey Doug,It looks like you have some poor soldering on a few connections within the LED PCB. That unit will need to come back to our office for a repair. If you purchased it within the last 2 years, the repair will be free of charge and covered under warranty. Kindly contact our customer...
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    Chauvet Color Strip Help

    Chazbone17,I never received your shipping address. If you want the replacement LEDs free of charge, please PM me your shipping address so I can get them out to you. Thanks,
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    Chauvet Color Strip Help

    I have some spare LEDs for you [free of charge] if you message me your shipping address. :)
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    Chauvet Color Strip Help

    What color LEDs [and how many] do you need for your COLORstrips?
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    Recommend a Blacklight fixture

    My opinion might be a little biased, but you can also look into the Chauvet SlimBANK UV-18 which would meet your criteria.