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    LED submaster mixing frustration

    When you say it only has your conventionals do you literally mean those are the only channels with any infornation at all or the only channels with a level and all the others are at 0. A channel at 0 could have colour information, and as soon as you move that sub the colour will override...
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    Dave Cunningham and the Magic of the Source 4--today at 2PM eastern

    Some of those features already existed in other instruments in some form, of course, but I think it's the bringing together of all the ideas, improving where necessary and making them all work as a unified whole that makes the S4 such an outstanding product, and one which has continued to evolve...
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    Just saw this on BR and hopped on here to congratulate you. Excellent speedy turnaround. Well done.
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    Dave Cunningham and the Magic of the Source 4--today at 2PM eastern

    I remember my father buying lamps that resembled PAR38s in the 70s that he always said were dichroic, but whether that was the reflector or just the colour filter I don't know.
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    Installs Bluetooth input for gymnasium sound system

    My Samsung appears to allow you to selectively re-enable the bits that all get turned off together. What a surprise.
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    What is that for?

    My old school had a "ship's wheel" on the rheostat that controlled the houselights.
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    NEW Safety Display!!!

    I guess 'O' and 'A' levels are going to give our non UK respondents pause for though, too.
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    Truss outside the US

    If you look at the hire places in the UK they all quote lengths (and radiuses for curved sections) in metric sizes, so it might be worth perusing a few European hire shops too to get a feel for what's available. Pretty much everything in UK and Europe will be quoted in metric sizing, although...
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    ETC Irideon AR50 DMX Control

    Polarity definitely matters.
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    NEW Safety Display!!!

    Three separate topics, though, yet you missed the one tagged "Need to do some academic research for your course? This is the forum for you." Hey ho. At least you get a somewhat different audience here, so a different interpretation of the relevant codes/regulations and how they apply to your...
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    NEW Safety Display!!!

    Having just seen this in three separate areas on the blue room, imagine my surprise to be confronted by it here, too.
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    Timecode cue software

    You could maybe ask in the Facebook group "everything stage lighting" where he's an active member.
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    Darkness in a venue (church, theatre)

    This is correct. The shape of the mouldings that the "fibre optic" fits into means that we can control the direction of the beam, so most of the light is aimed down onto the the tread of the next step down, with little glare coming upwards, certainly not straight into the eyes. Yes, that's the...
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    Creating horizontal line on Cyclorama

    Oh, yeah, that would do it.
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    Darkness in a venue (church, theatre)

    In our theatre we have lights embedded in the nose of the stairs. We recently refitted them, using a fixture which uses a sort of lossy fibre optic in a channel, with a single 5mm LED at the end(s). For runs of 3m or less you only need an LED at one end, but we have one "step" which is about6m...