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    Advice talking to our theatre director

    Sounds like a conversation you need to have with HR. Holding all that aggression in is also an easy way to get an ulcer.
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    Strand CD80 dimmer not working

    Did you check your patch on the ION. Something could of gotten messed up.
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    Rigging speakers overhead

    Permanent or temporary?
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    Equipment rental cost

    You mostly paid for labor and trucking to set it up. Any good company would give you an itemized PO that would show you what cost what.
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    Swing Nailing

    This would likely happen for a first timer. But I would assume if it’s been done a while you would know how much force to swing to not pull out or break the staple. Also never heard of it. We always corner blocked our flats with ply and glue n screwed.
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    I got hired for a 3 day job and the first day no one was there... advice?

    You should get 1/2 day cancellation fee and if you are lucky you will get gas money but highly unlikely. I have had it happen a few times with freelancing. It happens. You have to be up front with them about getting paid for their failure to communicate though. If not they won’t. I wouldn’t give...
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    DIY Floor Bases?

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    DIY Floor Bases?

    I’ll take a picture of what we got in the shop. It shouldn’t cost you more than a few bucks to make.
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    DIY Floor Bases?

    3/4 ply with some 3/4 ply legs and cut it whatever square you want minimum 12x12
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    Space Force versus ???

    We didn’t. Just the stock fixture. That’s good to hear. Hopefully they don’t break on us.
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    Puppet building

    A good start would be something like this.
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    Video playback and projection questions

    A good tech is always a plus to have as well. Not saying you aren’t good but someone you hire that knows the system through and through always helps. Files in advance is always a bonus. But you do sometimes get the random speaker who doesn’t know you have projections til they get there and then...
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    Space Force versus ???

    The company went with the Space Forces. I’m a little disappointed in the quality of the injection molding and the fact that the back is all plastic and not a metal.
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    Name Brand on Floor Pocket?

    Paint thinner and denatured alcohol and a tooth brush and a lot of elbow grease. You could try the tombstone scratching technique on the letters to see if you can get something readable.
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    Side-loaded Pipe

    Agreed with the hanging position you can achieve that angle with the yoke hanging vertical. More information is needed.