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    PLASA Focus:Austin

    Heading over to Austin tomorrow... hopefully to get a seat at the ACL performance as well. They didn't really give registrants much notice of that event, did they?Any other CB members going to be there?
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    Reserves and Theatre work

    Thank you so much everyone for taking the time to give your input. And yes, paying for college is why the military is a consideration. • What I've read is that, since I'm intending on majoring in theatre, I either graduate without debt, or I don't graduate at all. I've gotten this impression...
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    Reserves and Theatre work

    This is exactly one of my problems as well! I have been considering going into the National Air Guard or the USAF Reserves while I attend college. My initial concern was the two weeks out of the summer I am obligated to be on-base. This, I thought, would almost completely remove any possibility...
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    Small town Texan student pursuing an interest!

    Hello! My name's Amore and I've been lurking around the forums for awhile now, just decided to join in. Lately I've really gotten interested in lighting design and all its aspects. I recently found this forum and thought it looked like a good place to learn.