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    What lights for this studio

    Hrm, ok, got some good info. I think we will go with some fresnels, but mounted a little further back than the usual 45* angle, and some cyc lights seem like the best for a green screen. On the other hand, we did our first recording... we somehow passed with four construction work lights zip...
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    What lights for this studio

    Hello, and sorry if you have seen a million of these threads, I am in charge of figuring out a lighting scheme for a new community television studio, and I don't really know much about lighting so I need your help. We have roughly a 20' X 35' room with 8' high fixed grid with 3' space. This will...
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    Hello there

    Hello there people of Control Booth, I am AndyFew, a high school senior into the technical side of theater. I have a very limited knowledge of lighting and sound, but a bit better with the technical side, so be prepared for many questions.