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    Control/Dimming Tech Booth Dimming

    Am I misunderstanding? Are you asking to control a spotlight (or a converted ERS as a followspot) from the booth? Would you want this dimmable at the board? Would it be a true followspot, run by a spot op? If that's the case, then you can rather easily build a converter with a slide dimmer...
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    Organising a show as TD

    What is your current timeline? What is the show? What are your materials and budget? The outside venue, does it have house audio or house lighting, or are you renting a blank space? You have a LOT of work on your shoulders right now. It's entirely doable, but teamwork will get through the...
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    Wireless mic tape

    liquid band-aid I've found many reasons to love it.
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    Automated Fixtures Moving Light Shrapnel Hazard

    No; buy all the cheap crap you want, but don't hang it over people... Though I suggest not buying cheap stuff. If you can't afford a good tattoo artist, don't get the tattoo...
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    Mover Programming: How do YOU do it?

    For more info: The Road LD wanted 'x' for 'y' number. No more than 1mover cue per song, for say 9 of the roughly 30 numbers (due to issues, I got it into 5 numbers... once again, the whole losing 6 hours that I thought I had came into play). The Road LD would call the cues when they were...
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    Mover Programming: How do YOU do it?

    see, I think the Hog is awesome. It's a brilliant piece. I was an ETC head, but the Hog has even made learning Strands and such easier. Why does this make you not want to learn it? Hell, why would anyone not want to learn something in this business? I just don't understand that type of...
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    Mover Programming: How do YOU do it?

    My response to this was to build a Main Cuelist, and then put my effects on individual cuelists which I then macroed into the main list. This guaranteed the run guy couldn't make a mistake so long as he just hit 'go'. So for example, I built cues by 10s, and cue 50 would be macro GL7, while...
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    Mover Programming: How do YOU do it?

    I ran into an interesting situation this weekend; I got a late night call Friday to run a RoadHog console on Sat morning for a load in. They had no other info for me at that moment (the ME there got a serious case of the 'don't come in with THAT disease!' that night), but I knew enough about...
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    Lighting a gym for a cheer-leading competition

    The goal for this type of show is even, bright, white light, I'd assume? How big a performance space are you trying to cover? How many circuits do you have access to? How many kW can they each handle? How many instruments do you have at your disposal, and exactly what? S4s come in a pretty...
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    Pyro's in the house?

    I got my license last year for indoor use, so I could be responsible for a few smaller things in a show (flash pots, double shot canes and the like). I need to go to a class of some sort in order to re-up my license, which is a great excuse. This is one of those fields where getting the...
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    Prop List for "The Odd Couple"

    Most copies of The Odd Couple I've seen have a props list in the back pages, along with a basic set design and such. You might find a copy at your local library, or even your theatre department might have a Samuel French copy somewhere...
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    I need a steel bush

    Yeah, this seems both overly dangerous, and overly literal in the wrong ways... I'd suspect some fabric, fans, smoke effects and a regular ol' fake bush would work just fine, off the top of my head. Where is this thing; burning man?
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    Dracula Issues

    Woooooow... Good on the designers for leaving the stuff there that will probably never be paid for out of respect for the actors, and they should rightly well not allow it to be used for future performances... But wow. All the way to that level? Man...
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    scene recall help

    Truthfully, it really matters how many mics you have, and how you use 'em. Do you have multiple body mics, that share between actors? Then you should save a scene for each Mic change, so their EQs can be memorized. Do you have different groups? Once again. My basic rule is, I save a new...
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    XLR stuck in console

    Yeah... any way you could post a picture? Usually taking the cable connector apart is easier, and solves the issue.