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    Design Issues and Solutions Need Advice Creating Battery Operated Candelabras

    I finally have a stock of the battery candle flame units ready to go. 6 - 12V DC LED candle units
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    Design Issues and Solutions Need Advice Creating Battery Operated Candelabras

    I make led candle flicker units for much less than $39 that run on 9v batteries. Probably around $18, a little more if you want the candle tip also. depends on how many you want. You can also use a mercury switch to power that way when you lay them down they turn off and when upright turn on. I...
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    Navigating Navigator

    I have been using Navigator for 18 years. Literally longer than anyone as I was the alpha tester for the first Nav. I have trained just about all of the top operators that are out there. The company I work for is the longest current Nav user there is. Almost none of the people we hire have any...
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    Protocol for flying pipes when flymans view is obstructed

    Working in a large theater which everything is on an automation system (over 100 axis), during show conditions operators (flymen) usually can not see any of the objects they are moving. During maintenance, simple rehearsals, or a change in standard show running an announcement is made over the...
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    Who is going to LDI?

    If I get a chance I will make the trip across the street. Last year I got rained on doing it though.
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    Aussie techs working in Las Vegas

    I know of 2 Australian Stage Managers who work a major show.
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    Greetings from the Las Vegas Strip

    I work in one of the large showrooms here doing the Automation & Control systems.
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    Hayride arduino control

    You can connect a Bluetooth module to your arduinos and have them receive an ID specific to your scene and when you are within range of the signal, then it can run the show for that ID. If you need further distances you can use an XBee.