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    Radiance Hazer

    We rented a Radiance for one of our musicals, it was awesome! Unfortunately, it set off the smoke sensors in the house, so we couldn't use it. It was simply the best hazer I ever used.
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    Lighting console

    1. ETC Express(ion) Series 2. ETC Express 48/96, ETC Expression 3, ETC/LMI Acclaim 3, NSI MC70XX, NSI MLC16, Martin Lightjockey2 3. ETC Express is totally worth it, can do anything I need it to, and very easy to use.
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    Martin Atomic Strobe 3000

    I've used an Atomic 3K in various settings, it's an awesome strobe light. Very bright, and many different settings/modes. I've never used the scroller, but I have put gels in front of it... I prefer the white.
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    Review - Smartfade 2496

    My school is currently looking for a new board, and we like ETC things. One thing that turned me off from the SmartFade was the lack of VGA port. How useful are the on-console LCD screens? Does the SmartFade allow you to type in a channel and set its value, like the Express, or must you use...
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    Board Clearing Itself

    Heh, our old board (an Acclaim 300) decided to pull a temper tantrum in the middle of production for a school drama. Luckily, it was only during rehearsals, so I was able to scramble and appropriate a working board from another school. The Acclaim likes to randomly freeze up, or decide not...
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    New Board

    2 of the 3 school theatres I work reguarly have ETC Express 48/96 boards. They work beautifully! (The other school has an LMI Acclaim 24/48. It works OK, since it is a small auditorium, but I like the Express much more)
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    Followspot Survey

    We have a Comet spotlight at one of our schools, and several Altspots at the other schools. We like the Comet the best, since it is the newest and most functional.
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    New Light Smell?

    Thanks for all the responses! I also thought it was dust burning, but we have been using these lights for a week or two now, so I wasn't sure if that was still the case. It seems like this is normal, so I won't worry about it.
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    New Light Smell?

    Renovations on my school's auditorium have (finally) been completed. Now we have a decent light setup, with S4 JR's and S4 Parnels, and some strip lights. However, whenever the lights are on for an period of time (>10 mins) there is a peculiar odor that permiates the aud, mostly on stage, where...
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    Programing Color Scrollers

    Thanks wolf825! I had no idea that "Groups" existed on the Express boards. This will save me a lot of time later on.
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    Programing Color Scrollers

    I used some Forerunner color scrollers for my last musical. I also used an ETC Express board, albiet a 48/96 one. You would want to "pre-scroll" while the fixture is off, in order to avoid nasty scrolling effects while scene transitioning. I found it easier to simply address the scollers as...
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    change your maglite to L.E.D.

    I put a little red LED in my Mini-Mag and it works great for reading scripts in the dark. Batteries are still going strong, and it doesn't kill your night vision.
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    Hello from New York

    Hi, I'm Adam Baugher, a sophomore at Odyssey School, in Upstate NY. I've been doing lighting for my school since 8th grade, and I am currently a Senior Lighting Technician for our lighting group, Odyssey Lighting. We light various concerts, some assemblies, our annual musical, some dances, and...