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    Need help using MIDI

    A couple months ago we used Qlab at my church for a Drama/Song sequence. It worked quite well. Basically, you'll need to get a USB to MIDI interface (you can get a cable, or use some other device you might already have like an MBox) and set up MSC or Midi Show Control Cues. I'm not sure what the...
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    Control/Dimming Computer DMX and Portable Dimmers problem

    Are you sure the Leviton packs are addressed properly? Their dip switch settings are different. They can only be address in 4 channel blocks, instead of starting at any channel like most other DMX devices. Check the manual for the correct settings if you need to. I don't know anything about...
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    How big is your rig?

    Sensor Rack with 162 dimmers, somewhere around 100-120 conventionals (mix of S4s, S4 pars and parnells), 12 SeaChanger Tungsten Spot fixtures, 12 Colorblast 12s, 12 Elation DLED 36 bricks, 4 Mac 250s, 2 universes.
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    Barcode inventory database?

    I've been looking at Tracmor (Tracmor :: Open Source Inventory and Asset Tracking Online) for this type of application. It's set up more for warehouse management, but it includes the ability to add custom fields, and track assets and inventory based on location. You can also attach files to...