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    What inspired you to get into technical theatre?

    I was always convinced I wanted to be an actress, but after my first high school show (pride and prejudice) I was so stressed, and the lighting tech were just sitting in the lightbooth, and I thought, that's what I want to do, do everything before the show and then just go, and that's where I've...
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    Worried about stage managing festival

    I was running the lights in a similar competition but I worked with a sm, who was stressed and freaking, the best things are to stay organized, and to stay calm. If you know where your stuff is, it will be easier to stay calm
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    Putting A Face To The Name

    Me (right) and my stage manager in the light booth for a show this weekend
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    What's the inspiration behind your user name?

    As a freshman I became interested in lighting, assisting the current lighting head with every show, and operating the light board, and since I will probably end up his successor when he graduates, my friend deemed me the baby light goddess and the name just stuck. Sent from my Nexus 7 using...
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    Automated Fixtures How do I patch a Mac 700 to our etc ion board?

    Thanks for your help, but we figured out the problem was that our dmx cable wasn't plugged in, and we had quite an adventure trying to find a female dmx input, apparently the people who designed our theater renovations had no idea where some things should go. Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
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    Automated Fixtures How do I patch a Mac 700 to our etc ion board?

    My theater rented a couple Mac 700s for our upcoming show. We thought we'd patched them right, they turn on and cycle through, but nothing on the board will make the actual light turn on. Its on the basic setting and we have channels 400-422 set up for one, and 450-472 for the other, all other...