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    Installs Audio switcher - press of a switch

    Hey everyone! I'm doing an install where I'll be using a Shure SCM mixer as a QuickSet mixer for simple wireless devices and a digital mixer for multi input setups where a multi input mixer in needed. I've seen this done before but I don't know what I need to pull it off... I'd like to have a...
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    Installs How to become a sound integrator

    **Casually edits the original post** **Finds out he cant**
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    Installs How to become a sound integrator

    Hello, I am looking for where and what I should do to become a systems integrator. I'm very interested in doing this as a job and was wandering what I need education or certification wise to become one. Thank you!
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    Need help writing a proposal to purchase a new soundboard

    I have worked with schools in the past with this kind of stuff. You most definitely will want to get a digital mixer, believe it or not, but the x32 is easier to learn then the other digital boards. Anyways, regarding your needs for a novice user to turn on a couple of mics, I would just put a...
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    Grants for new sound/light equipment

    If you're looking for some good lighting grants take a look at ETC's Corporate Giving page As quoted, "There are two avenues by which to request a donation in support of your non-profit’s cause; you may apply for a cash funding grant or an ETC equipment grant. The Community Betterment...
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    Wireless Is it possible to be FCC spectrum auction future proof?

    The question then becomes... Do they care? My guess is no.
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    Wireless Is it possible to be FCC spectrum auction future proof?

    There's really no way of future proofing in this area. Just try 500mhz. Hopefully it'll stay
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    ETC Ion - Change channel twice in a 2-part cue

    Program your pulse effect with the [Effect] screen. Record that effect in to a cue. I think there is a effect built in that already accomplishes this.
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    Standalone behringer digital snake

    I guess he didn't ever mention what console he was using. I guess I made the assumption that he would be using a x32 since he has a s32
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    Control/Dimming Controlling lights with a wall controller and a board

    Take a look at DFD but if you have the budget, look at a unison arch system
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    Anyone know how to program this?

    Definitely a ETC System. Not sure of what it is exactly but it looks like a Legacy Unison Fader Station or a IES console. Without a product number/serial it's almost impossible to know. Unscrew it from the rack and take a gander! Also call ETC, if you give them your venue name they usually can...
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    Standalone behringer digital snake

    You CAN do it.. However the question then becomes "should you?" The ability is there to do it, however it is very tedious and a pain to troubleshoot. What we did to avoid this issue, we just ran a basic analog snake from some of the outputs on the s32. Its much more simple that way. Here's a...
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    Custom rack panel (2U)

    Hello, I am going to be putting in a new rack for a church and I was wondering where i can find a custom rack panel maker online or other options. Something that says my business name and phone number. Just 2U. Thanks!
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    Sennheiser D1-ME2

    After using them for a cheap production, DO NOT USE THEM!! They are completly junk Theyll work with no one in the audience, but as soon as people flood in connecting to the school Wi-Fi it drops out or sound like junk!