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    Live Feed Over Long Distances

    Hello! This is the first time I am messing around with projections. So please forgive any faux pas! I am running a show that needs a projector to switch between pre-recorded videos and a live camera feed. All the pre-recorded videos will be triggered using Qlab. The camera in question (Canon...
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    LED Scroller with an Ion

    At my school, we use an Ion along with a Chroma-Q Color Force scroller. I need help with getting my scroller to switch between two distinct colors without going through a whole slew of other colors in between. For example, let's say I program the following cues: Cue 1 - Green Cyc (Intensity...
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    Triggering Ion with QLab

    I figured it out. I am not used to Macs. The **** M-Audio adapter needed the driver to be manually installed. Qlab recognized the adapter. But for some reason the drivers still needed to be installed. - Karthik
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    Triggering Ion with QLab

    That was a typo on my part. The receive channel is 1. The transmit channel is 2. Also I have switched the Device Id in the MSC Cue to 1, 2, 126 & 127. No luck. But yeah, let me know if you have more info on it when you get home! Thanks!
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    Triggering Ion with QLab

    Hello all! I am trying to trigger the Ion with Qlab. Currently this is what I have everything set as: For the Ion: MSC Receive: Enabled MSC Transmit: Enabled MSC Receive Channel: 1 MSC Transmit Channel: 1 For the Qlab: Using a M-Audio Midisport USB Uno Sound card. Under system preferences...
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    Link Ion with Yamaha M7CL mixer?

    I am not sure how linking an M7 to an Ion, would work. (That's actually something I might try out at some point to see if I can get it to work. Perhaps someone else on the boards have already done it.) However if you are looking to link your laptop to the Ion, that's possible. You'd basically...
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    Cues & Submasters

    This questions might have been posted elsewhere on CB. But I seem to have a hard time finding it. So if I am repeating, I am extremely sorry! We own an ETC Ion at our school and I am trying to build a cue sheet for an upcoming dance show using standard light. So no moving lights or any of that...
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    MIDI with Ion

    Thank you so much for your help Hans! I still couldn't get SFX to work. I am not completely sure what I missed, but when I switched to Show Cue System, it worked fine. I set up everything as I mentioned in my earlier post, and took your advice and set the Device ID to 127. That was a very...
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    MIDI with Ion

    I have been trying to sync up my SFX with the Ion. However, I seem to be running into some difficulties. Any help once again would be greatly appreciated. This is how I have it setup so far. For a USB-MIDI adapter I am using the following device. M-Audio Midisport USB Uno Sound card. I tried...
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    MIDI with Ion

    Hi everyone! I had some quick beginner questions regarding MIDI show control and I was hoping that someone here could help me get me started on the right path. MIDI is a new concept to me. Although I understand what it is capable of, I am not quite sure how to execute it. We have an ETC Ion...