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    Kreios replacement?

    As a Dealer I have not heard that the entire Kreios Line has been discontinued. Yes the FL60 was discontinued but the FLX90 is still available. The FLX90 went through a work stop last year because of some performance/hardware issues but they have started production again. I just sold 6 in December.
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    Convert DMX to 10v analog

    Etc foundry controller UFR2-LV Dual Zone DMX Relay w/0-10v List price $250
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    LEDs fixtures and Tension wire grids

    I actually just got done with a light hang with LED's and TWG. We hung ETC ColorSource spot (26 and 36 degree) and Colorsource Pars at about 18' height from deck to bottom of TSW. There was no issues with the final light hitting the stage (Full homogenized). The only issue is once all the lights...
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    Control/Dimming Pulses and flickers in High School Theatre lighting

    My quick diagnosis is the rack is going into thermal protection due to low air flow.
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    Lock bolts missing from arbor plate?

    Yes it is. We just used them on a rigging inspection followup repair.
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    Bids, Estimates, and Accounting Software

    Workflowmax is what we use. It allows itemized or lump sum in the quotation and lead generation side of the software and then if accepted we can turn it into a project tracking actual costs and labor with a invoicing feature that can be imported into its partner...
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    Black Box Egress Questions

    I had a similar problem with a set being designed over a declared egress which also covered the exit sign. It was an actual entrance for patrons and actors being a stone archway with a black masking during the show. We were not questioned about it but we developed a safety plan. First we...
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    Rigging does wear out

    This is Deja Vu. I come across this all the time. Recently I have been pushing Rigging inspections so that the proper authority within a organization knows where their system stands and can plan for updates or maintenance.
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    Controlling house lights two ways.

    I would say that there is many possible ways of doing this. I would suggest a ETC DRD rack paired with a Paradigm Architectural Processor with Unison entry stations for standalone operation.
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    Opinions wanted. I'm sure there are a few....

    I will reinforce what others have said. Stay with ETC products as you will have support down the road from ETC if something happens to the fixture. If you can afford go with Series 2 with a EDLT lens or a Colorsource Spot fixture.
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    What would you buy next for my venue?

    I would reinforce the some of the earlier comments of adding a Cyc and LED wash fixtures. Along with updating house lights with architectural control stations for safety of everyone that enter the space. Speaking of safety maybe installing some edge lights on the stage for actor safety during a...
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    Theatre Upgrades

    Currently working on a project of replacing conventional Fresnels and Cyc lights. Where I recommend the D40 and Altman Spectra Cyc. I have worked with both personally on designs and highly recommend both with this application. Barry Nelson