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    Finding theatre sound expertise in Miami

    backing up a tad here: The Qsys 110 is the answer to a lot of your "make it simple" needs here. Its a control system (can control lighting, screens, projectors, audio, presets, etc.), a very powerful DSP (gates, compressors, auto-mixing, echo cancellation for...
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    Design Issues and Solutions Classic Flip out Footlights going LED

    pictures as you progress would be fun to see!
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    DMX Input Not Working

    Appears you can get an entire new fixture for $33 ....
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    Design Issues and Solutions Classic Flip out Footlights going LED

    or skip the pantograph fanciness and just make them liftable (like with a meter-reading or man-hole lifting tool) and barrel-bolt them into their raised positions when they are needed. If they are up for an entire show's run (not have to be lowered every nite for trip avoidance) wouldn't be a...
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    Passive speakers

    so in a bind, without access to spares or fast shipping, you can experiment after taking the thing apart, inspecting to see if the crossover is passive post-amp, or was done with bi-amplification in their amp module. now you know what you need to replicate. 1. If 1 amp ran it all - you're...
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    Wireless output levels

    yikes - I never have considered having an A2 change xmtr gain ... hard enough to get them to change batteries or transplant the transmitters to new actors. But with the right person and checklists, it could definitely be a help.
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    X32 firmware update.

    stepwise like FMeng sez is truly wise, even tho it will take more of your time initially ... it will probably save time in the end
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    Pimp my Booth!

    Perhaps the aspects of safety (urgent exit in an emergency - esp. if you are one of the designated people to get the audience and cast safely out - and/or the bad ergo will be the prybar that gives you leverage to build what you need. Workers Comp claims (neck, back, carpal tunnel) are...
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    Pimp my Booth!

    are you stuick with the inheritance politically, or allowed to sell/trade/trash it? Was the Frankendesk aesthetically unpopular with the house mgr etc? Could you rebuild it - FD v2 inexpensively? Trying to guess what doesn't work for you... - Its often a challenge to find somewhere to...
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    How many lumens for outdoor night time Projection mapped video

    Think about renting if only few days / year. That way you get the lumens and lensing that's best. how will you mount and secure it? Stabilize it against vibrations? Power it? Does projector noise matter? How moist might it get? Need an outdoor protective enclosure or repurposed dog igloo...
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    Crown PCC160

    How about posting a passel of pix of your space, your r speakers as seen from middle of the house looking toward stage, etc. can't take too many. We can help you much better when we have more info, and sometimes we don't know what we are looking for til we see it
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    Sub on a stand vs sub on the floor

    IEMs also help by blocking acoustic energy to your eardrums. But to hear or converse with the audience, you will likely need an ambience mic that you toggle off when playing and on when bantering or taking requests.
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    Sub on a stand vs sub on the floor

    Actually ... not a good idea, because you will be far out of time alignment between the sub and rest of system.
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    What price, Marley?

    Tim's right about those who tread lightly, and those who spill their cokes. For lighting gear - are you LED, or halogen lamped? Figure the hours the light source will run, divide into the cost of the replacement item AND the labor to handle it (order, install, etc.) and you have some idea of a...
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    ETC component ID

    Odd - here's what we USers see - at least in Oakland: This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below. <Error> <Code>AccessDenied</Code> <Message>Access denied</Message> </Error>