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    Control/Dimming Strand Neo Compact 10?

    Being familiar with LF, it will be very familiar. it has it's own 7" touchscreen interface which will be new for you. However, it's the same software. Also the configuration of the user keys (Shortcuts) and the 10 faders should give you a better hardware related experience.
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    Strand NEO Help

    Send me your Strand-dev forum user name to [email protected] and I'll look into it.
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    Neo vs Ion

    Ok. Let me know.
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    Neo vs Ion

    I'm not sure where you sit on your VN issues, but let me know if you still need help.
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    Palette VL 16

    Send me an email and I’ll hook you up with tech support. Sounds like it’s not booting Windows. May need a reimage. [email protected]
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    Neo vs Ion

    We do. it's at for the forum, and there are 2 different Facebook groups. One run out of EU by users and the one that Strand sponsors and runs from the US.
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    Neo vs Ion

    I think you are right. I see and talk to a lot of people where I do training and show them feature X. They could have used that last week when I did Y instead. I ask how they got to that and they said they asked their friends or posted something. I would ask if their friend...
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    Neo vs Ion

    Feel free to call tech support, use the forum, the Facebook groups or email/call me. [email protected]
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    Neo vs Ion

    We are here to help when needed. You can email me directly if you have a console question [email protected] and, yes...I'm the man with the world's most boring voice...first time I've heard that... For support, we have a customer support, a user forum and Facebook...
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    Neo vs Ion

    I'm curious about your issues as VN is still developed and supported. All of our commissioning agents use VN on more recent versions of Windows including Windows 10. The Palette software's fixture library is constantly updated as requests come in. Yes, it's done by the Pathway engineers but...
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    Control/Dimming How do we feel about this? Philips Advantage DMX

    Not sure the details of the issues that you are having but I would like to help in sorting out your issues and work with tech support to get this resolved. Email me at [email protected] with your info.
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    Control/Dimming Need help diagnosing an issue with CD80 rack, Processor, and Strand auxiliary panel.

    This sounds like it could either be a configuration issue or a preset issue. I would call tech support 800.4.STRAND and see if Matthew has the configuration files for this job. It will depend on if it was factory commissioned or dealer commissioned.
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    Strand Vision Net Work light issues

    I would agree that it may be likely that someone has done a "press and hold" to reprogram a VN preset. I would call tech support and speak with Matthew Peters. +1 214 647 7961. If this system was commissioned by a Strand technician, he may have configuration info to help here.
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    LED Conversion Upcoming

    We would be happy to talk about upgrading or replacing your Strand racks and distribution system as we offer high quality dimming/relay/distribution systems. Let me know if interested.
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    Strand Vision.Net

    Here are some contacts that can help you with your Strand system. Joel Epstein - Century Lighting Services 201.791.7000. One of the most experienced and knowledgeable technicians around. If you want a more local reference, I would call Jeff O'Brien - Philips Entertainment's Regional Sales...