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    Aspiring Projection Designer

    Thanks for the advice! Does it make more sense to try doing smaller projects or is preferable to apprentice/assist someone who is more established in the industry? I suppose I'll end up doing both, but I'm trying to find the place to focus my energies right now.
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    Show-control software for dummies!

    I'm an experienced motion graphics artist who is new to the industry of projection design for theater. I have talked to a number of people in the industry who use a variety of software for show control, and I wanted to ask you all for your recommendations? Is there a good platform for newbies...
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    Aspiring Projection Designer

    Thanks! Any advice as I get started?
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    Aspiring Projection Designer

    Hi Interwebs.Unlike most of the folks on here who live and breathe theater, I'm sort of a newcomer to this. For the best 8 years, I've worked in new media advertising and recently decided that I wanted a change of pace. I've always been passionate about theater, but only recently did I make...