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    Motorized Fader Issue Yamaha DM 1000

    Hi All, I'm trying to repair my DM 1000 and am having an issue with a single motorized fader. Please note that: I HAVE REPLACED THE FADER, which I have done successfully with this console before, but this time my issue still continues. This fader will move down but not up. So for example, I...
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    DBX Driverack 260 and DriveWare

    Hello, Has anyone had experience using the DBX Driverack 260 processors along with the editing software, DriveWare? I am specifically looking for a way to connect multiple driverack units to my computer and build a "Venue" in driveware with all the devices. Because the units use RS232 and...
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    6-Pin Connector for Clearcom RS-702 Dual Channel Pack

    Hello, I need adapters that go from 6pin male to 2x3pin female for my RS-702 dual channel packs. The adapters I am referring to are found here. I don't want to spend $78 per adapter, so I have elected to make my own. From past experiences with 6pin connectors, i know that there two...
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    Effects question in 01v96

    Hey All, I'm engineering audio for a production that's using the Yamaha 01v96 version 2 console. My designer would like to apply reverb and LCR delay to 4 mic channels (that's both effects to all four mics, most likely at the same time) using the internal effects processor. The problem is...
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    Conventional Fixtures Parts Question - whip sleeving

    This is perfect! Thanks for your help.
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    Conventional Fixtures Parts Question - whip sleeving

    Hey all, This will probably sound like a weird question, but I'm a very audio-oriented person, and I'm still getting myself familiar with electrics. I'm doing maintenance on the lighting inventory here at our university and I need to put in an order for some parts. I've noticed that the...