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    Budgeting for Big Ticket Replacements $ and Timeline

    Can we talk about this company switch? I'm assuming this is in a storage gallery or dimmer jump? Having emergency access to a switch is pretty hard if its just randomly on a wall 40' up...
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    Sudden Blackout During Fade

    Is there perhaps a custom curve for LED fixtures by someone trying to stop them from popping, and it carried into your programming for all channels in that stack?
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    Storage of Lamps and Lampholders

    Pictures on completion and in 6 months? I like these types of projects.
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    Retrofitting Theatre Lighting Gear

    With the schedule you have, I would focus my attention towards the concerts. So in general we are talking about a single color wash with atleast top and front light.In a very broad generalization, I would most likely take what conventional lekos I had already with the dimmers and move those...
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    Mic Stand Storage

    I have also done this set up, but on its side if its living in one spot. I have a couple shelves that I have built people. Under the mic stands there is a spot large enough to roll the cable trunk under it, stands in the PVC sideways inside a wood frame over that, and a mic locker above.I...
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    Tie line versus Trick line

    They can only fill those orders on Mondays and Thursdays when Freddy comes in. Great retirement after he got out of the firework building game.
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    Mixing Fog Juices

    I generally try to keep machines empty and clean for storage.Granted the Radience hazers are fickle like monsters sometimes, but they certainly taught me how to not make a mess of everything all the time....Anytime I am putting a hazer or a fogger away without an expected use date, I put it...
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    Tie line versus Trick line

    Excuse me sir, but can i have 97 cubits of 0,5mm of black kevlar twine?Its FR, it's got a great tensile strength, and its way over priced! (you can even truss a spatchcocked turducken with it!)
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    Control/Dimming Cyc Lights Flickering

    The most important bit here is the "both systems" part. Im leaning towards high voltage side other than low voltage side issues. What was the flicker like? Only on intensity moves? Or constantly? Is the DMX run terminated at the end of the chain or in a self terminating unit? Was it a...
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    Storage of Lamps and Lampholders

    Completely agree. I've had sign boards covered in several hundred lamps, as well as stings, on tours. And as annoying as it is to unscrew that many lamps every night, it is the only sure fire way. After all, someone spent ALOT of money determining how that little cardboard box was going to...
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    Retrofitting Theatre Lighting Gear

    First I would list out what your needs are. What do you do over year? 1 drama, 1 musical, 12 school concerts, rentals... Do you do enough events to consider putting together a rep plot and keeping it hung? Long term capitol plans that may include green incentives and moving away from...
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    Genie Battery Chargers

    Just to be the devils advocate.....we are sure its the charger and not just a battery that no longer takes a charge. I know I am not the only one who has spent way to much money fixing something perfectly fine....If we are all talking about the standard 12v bucket lifts, I would say take the...
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    Opera Netting Alternatives

    Hey, @kicknargel , want to go half on a 50k rated net?I just spent far too much time looking at this....
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    Anyone got a spare $70 mil? Uptown Theater, Chicago

    Hey Van, got any info on the organ by chance? They were all made out here and there are not many left around sadly. I love nothing more than following the preservation vollies around when they are up doing work. Our theatre (Sheas Buffalo PFC, 1930's) has a huge amount of the original space...
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    Professional Marley Cleaners

    I toured with a couple dance convention companies. We're talking some weekends we would see over 2000 numbers (Large prod, small prod, duos, trios, solos, musical numbers with props, acro, aerial, the gammut) over the course of 3-4 days....:wall:91% Iso, from the fine folks at any and all...