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    Dead and Poisoned Makeup look

    So I found a knock off recipe for sherbet fizzing candy that uses citric acid, baking soda, powdered sugar, and either jello powder or drink powder.
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    Dead and Poisoned Makeup look

    Would glycerin actually protect the mouth in case I don't find a different makeup solution? Though, I could see my actor swallowing a big gulp of glycerin and potentially having some unfortunate toilet time between shows. What are Zotz?
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    Dead and Poisoned Makeup look

    Excellent I was leaning toward the Cyanide since the Director wants the froth.
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    Dead and Poisoned Makeup look

    I am currently working on Jekyll and Hyde, the director wants each dead character to return to stage reflecting how they died. I have the bloody deaths covered. Is there a lexicon of makeup looks for different types of poisons? I was going to go with a hypoxia look if I couldn't find a better one.
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    FAQ: Recommendations about college education

    The link is broken do you have a copy saved somewhere?
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    Looking for Milky White...

    My Director wanted a gag style milky white that could be picked up like a suit case so I built my over a collapsible 1x4 sawhorse
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    Student instructed to light a match on stage, cardboard set caught fire

    It looks like metallic spray paint or an oil based metallic on the cardboard the saturation and sheen are not quite right for latex or acrylic, so we have flammable vapors in the mix. This was so preventable, it is infuriating, no fire extinguisher or fire buckets, absolutely no thought...
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    Greetings from Montana

    That sounds Awesome.
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    Sound Isolation Cabinets for Guitar Amps?

    I recently built a heavy duty iso cabinet without soundfoam for my Bandmate's recording studio, I didn't use any curved angles, instead I varied my layered insulating materials and left the cord feed hole unstopped as an air pressure release, heat and phase variance are not a problem.
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    Greetings from Montana

    Sorry of the delay, my summer gig is currently over lapping with the University, making for very long days. I am on 10 month Aug 15- May15, I have a week comp in both directions for working during fall/spring break. I noticed that your first production opened May 13, when do you all start...
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    Greetings from Montana

    Thank you.
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    Greetings from Montana

    Hello everyone, I am the Technical director/Scenic designer for a small private university in Montana, I am most proficient in Props, Scenic Art and Scenic design, though I have to say Sculpted elements and paint are my greatest loves. I found you all on my quest for an alternative for Jax...
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    What's the inspiration behind your user name?

    My comes directly from my first and last name.