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    Insert third party plugins with StudioLive and QLab

    Hey all, I am in a venue that is using a StudioLive 24.4.2 that is acting as the audio interface for QLab3 on an iMac. I am using three wireless mics that are going into the mixer, and being fed into QLab3 via mic cues. Basically I am going to be using QLab to mute and pan these mics with my...
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    Shure PGX vs GLX?

    I'm not super stoked about crossing over with the 900 MHz or 2.4 Ghz spectrum either. Unfortunately this is beyond normal budget for sound, and to justify spending extra it needs to be an inventory addition. So, I don't have a lot of options.
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    Shure PGX vs GLX?

    Hey All, An upcoming production that I am working on is in need of purchasing a single channel of wireless. The budget is only around $600 CND ($500 USD). Our choices are the following: Shure PGXD1 Transmitter, PGXD4 Receiver with a WL93 Lav Shure GLXD1 Transmitter, GLXD4 Receiver with a WL93...
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    Sound f/x SFX triggered by onstage button

    That was my first instinct as well, to have the sound op trigger the sfx just before the actor speaks. I suppose I am always looking for ways to simplify what the actor has to do onstage. I figured it would be easier for them to use the button and microphone just like an intercom system isntead...
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    Sound f/x SFX triggered by onstage button

    Hi All, I am designing an upcoming show and need to incorporate a door intercom cue. Actor will be offstage speaking into a microphone that will playback through an onstage speaker, making it sound like the character is outside the front door of the house. I will be using QLab3. Having the...
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    QLab - Sending a GO command to PC based Lighting Software?

    Hey All, I will be using QLab for all Sound Cues on our upcoming production. Our lighting Designer is going to be implementing a PC Laptop based console for our lighting needs. I will be operating both of these for tech and for the run of the show. I was wondering if anyone knows hot to get...