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    Design Issues and Solutions Light Ladders in Vectorworks

    And by hand you mean drawing them as a shape in vectorworks then coverting it to a symbol, and then a lighting position.
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    What's next after a lighting internship?

    Hey SRoss, I hail from the lovely detroit metro area . I encourage you to follow the advice of the above posters and let your co-workers know that you are on the prowl for work. Poke around, if there is someone who you worked with that has some connections ask about shadowing or if they know...
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    looking for a good electrician's work glove

    As a small-handed-electrician, it is very hard to find gloves that fit well. Especially when most big box stores don't sell gloves in a size small, or in women's sizes...:evil: I wear setwear women's fingerless gloves for work and Hot Hands for focus and both fit my hands really well. The Hot...
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    Scenic Art Techniques...resources?

    Hi Justin, I know you asked about online resources, our required text for scenic painting intro and advanced was Susan Crabtree's book, "Scenic Art for the Theatre, Second Edition: History, Tools, and Techniques." Our instructor pulled a few of her projects out of there. It was a great...
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    Light board training

    There are a number of youtube video tutorials ETC put together for the current line of consoles, Eos Family, Congo and Smart Fade. Available at this Link: Lighting solutions for Theatre, Film & Television Studios and Architectural spaces : ETC These are great to watch for beginner and...
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    Elation LED's

    I've attached a Selador application guide. It gives some comparison data between different selador varieties and what each is suited for.
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    Automated Fixtures How to Swap a Gobo

    Hi Shawn, I've never worked with one of these fixtures, but I downloaded the manual to see if I could help. There aren't any instructions for how to change the gobo, but there is this line from page 41 of the manual under the "cleaning and Maintenance Section" : There are no user serviceable...
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    Happy New Year from a New Member

    Hello, I’m just writing to introduce myself as a new member to control booth. I am a lighting technician/designer/programmer and ETC tech support team member. At present I’m based out of Madison, WI with roots in Michigan. (Go Blue) I’ve been following the site for close to a year, and am...