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    Tree around a truss

    coffin locks are your friend. you've got a solid idea. I don't know how big these trees are but I would usually do some 1/4" hardware cloth rather than window screen and shoot spray foam onto it rather than fabric. Tends to go faster and look more real, but i don't know the style of tree...
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    KREG face panel for flat construction?

    if time isn't much of a factor then pocket holes work. Ultimate time/material saver is this guy.
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    Attaching rope along aircraft cable

    So the aircraft cable runs all the way from grid to swing seat, and you want to fake a natural fiber rope from the seat up to out of sight line, right? Best way would be to unlay your 3 strand rope and relay it over the cable, so the cable is in the middle, finish at the top with a hose clamp...
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    A Marker For our History

    I found perception and attitude are more important than circumstance. I got laid off in march like a lot of people. I've been working continually in this industry since I graduated college 10 years ago, so this was my first time not having a job, much less not having an industry. Plus I've...
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    Nocti Test for tech theater?

    Ok so that was interesting. More clarification. There are individual written tests (multiple choice) and practical test modules for each specialty. I proctored and evaluated the practical test for the scenery module. The students had to draw and build a 2'x4' soft covered theater flat. The...
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    Nocti Test for tech theater?

    so my high school theater teacher sister asked me to proctor for a nocti test for her tech theater course students. The course instructors or other school employees aren't allowed. I'm a third party so here I am. Having done 4 years of drama classes in high school I'm really confused about...
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    Tips for box set using muslin flats?

    Haven't done a full size flat with these but I've stretched the same drop cloth around many frames for my wife's art work. Works fine on a 3'x4'...
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    Truck Estimates

    Typically we put our stuff in shipping containers as we're done with it and send it away. Our cruise client handles their own shipping and logistics and will amass all the containers at the yard until the ship finally shows up in port, then load on. Usually not a problem to get another...
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    Truck Estimates

    Maybe this belongs in another forum, but I'm shipping scenery so here I post. How do you guys figure out how many trucks you need to ship a set? I know there's apps for concerts where you tell it how many road cases you got and it'll 3D tetris them into a truck, but I've got a but of flats and...
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    Tips for sculpting landscape

    So i did a show once that was set in the Iraq desert. All sand. Sand, of course, is the worst thing you can scatter all over a stage besides glitter. Original concept was the entire foor of this black box space was sand, and the main playing space was platforming sculpted to look like dunes...
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    New Theater Scene Shop

    When I was in school in Pittsburgh our shop door was in the SL wing. We often used the shop as storage for big scenery during the run of a show. Is it awesome? No. Is it ok? yes. Since we don't know where all the doors of your shop are or even its dimensions (60x26?), I can only offer vague...
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    2021 Covid cancellations

    Can't wait for texas and mississippi to become the new national hotspots for live entertainment
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    Track to guide rolling wagons that sits on top of floor (can't screw into floor!)

    given your reply it seems like train tracks are the way to go. @Van can correct me but the tabs are typically there to screw the angle down to the floor, so the screws don't interfere with the caster running over the angle. In your case I think you'd just make them really long railroad ties...
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    Track to guide rolling wagons that sits on top of floor (can't screw into floor!)

    Initial thoughts: If it only tracks US-DS in a straight line the easiest way is to put it on fixed casters; schedule some time with your stage hands to practice the maneuver so it stays on its line. I have a problem with the railway idea because it needs to extend way down stage and be there...
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    Best “off-the-shelf” furni dolly?

    I'll change it up a bit and say the best dollies are the ones that are all the same height. we bought a bunch from brand A then a few years later a bunch from brand B, and while the caster height is the same the wooden frame isn't. worst pain in the butt when you grab 2 different ones to move...