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    Help - Pathport DMX Manager Plus stuck on firmware boot...

    The firmware you updated to would probably only work in PM5. Have you tried there? Pathway devices are dependent on IP address. Your PC must have a static IP in the same subnet. If it was a factory IP address, you'd need to set your PC to something along the lines of with a subnet mask...
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    Strand Network & Nodes Set-up

    In PaletteOS, if you go to "Patch", there is a "Patch Routing" softkey. All of your data routes will be displayed. You'll need to do this to see what network data the Palette is sending. Your configuration method of the Pathport Nodes is good. You'll need to know the IP address of the console if...
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    Strand Network & Nodes Set-up

    Hello, We'd be happy to assist. Feel free to drop a line to: [email protected] The current version of Pathport Manager is 5.3. You'll want to install that to configure your nodes. My guess is the Strand console is configured for...
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    Side debate about low budget consoles

    It is hard to discuss Smart Fade without talking about Cognito. Cognito was purpose built for schools and churches as a small, yet powerful, control solution.
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    Hello everyone! New to CB and needing some help with Unison Legacy Dimmer.

    Reading through your thread, I am curious if you have ever taken a look at Cognito2 from Pathway Connectivity? Cognito was purposefully designed for your application. It has a simple, and concise user interface, that is much easier for a novice...
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    Control/Dimming Opti Quad Par and Jands Vista Issues

    We have seen similar issues, and they are usually related to RDM messages being present on the DMX line, and the fixtures are not RDM compliant. Be sure nothing on the DMX line with these fixtures is transmitting RDM.
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    Control/Dimming Marquee Help

    Feel free to email us with further questions regarding software. support (at) The sliders in Version 4 of Marquee are automatically set to a function based on the A/B and C/D playback masters. So (F3) Hardware Setup then (F8) A/B C/D the most common configuration is to...