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    Control/Dimming ETC Smartfade

    hey, im studing lighting at tafe and im in a bother, i read the etc smarfade manuel about 6 times now and its impossible to decipher without an actual desk. if someone could help me to gather instructions to perform all of the functions on this desk it would be greatly apreciated
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    Your worst theatre injury

    While i was building up a scaffolding from the floor i slipped off the beam i was on and fell about a metre and got collected between the legs by a diagonal beam, the fall arrest gear had another metre on the strap so that was verry painful.
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    Stage Lighting Controls, Manufacturers of

    you forgot LSC Lighting Systems wait just saw it my bad
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    hi from Australia

    hey so ive been lkking around here for ages and never got around to signing up. im the person everyone goes to for all technical stuff. i dabble in Lighting design, Sound design, rigging, operation, and like everything. i started on primary school running a few mics for a talent show. stoped...