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    philips eW Downlight SM as houselights

    What brand of dimmers feed your house cans? If they are ETC or Strand, the LED's prob won't cause any long term damage.
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    Design Issues and Solutions Design tip for young technicians

    Thank You, That is the most amusing thing I have heard in a long time. I did a lot of stupid things in college, but that has to take the cake!
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    Car and tractor batteries.

    Hey, The first thing I would look at is the lamps. Look for a whole sale lamp that you could use to replace the globe lights with. Same look, lower wattage. You probably don't need the full 60w each if its a prop mirror, just needs to glow. Bulbrite may have some low watt lamps that would...
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    Ocean Optics other products, and other Seachanger ramblings

    The DeSisti Monet is a 6in fresnel that is available with a medium prefocus base or an HPL base. It can be lamped up to HPL750. It puts out an amazing amount of light compaired to a standard 6in with a BVT 1000w.
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    Impression vs. Legend

    We had Elation as a sponsor for our Christmas open house this year and they brought the Impression. It has K2 Luxeons (3w, I believe). We set it up next to a Studio Color 575M with a brand new lamp and did a shoot out on the warehouse wall (approx 50ft away). You could see the Impression's...
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    LED Lighting?

    Why not use L&E Worklite CDM Fixtures, They are not dimmable, but would work for any class on stage, they use CDM 150w lamps with a lamp life of 10,000 hours and use a third the power of the scoops or cycs. I have seen them in several teaching theatres where they don't want the stage lights...
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    Leviton D4DMX dimmer nightmares

    Using a 1000w lamp on a D4DMX unit should be ok even at full. Its not a 600w dimmer. Its a 2400w max dimmer with a per channel capacity of 1100w. You can use 4 x 1000w lamps, just not all at once. The problems described are extremely odd for the units though. We sell an average of 4 units a...
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    Quality DMX Cable? (and Pin Connectors)

    I would respectfully disagree with running CAT5e or CAT6 for DMX use, even shielded, unless the control network will be switched from DMX to ethernet later on. Ethernet cable has much thinner insulation than DMX and its not designed to deal with signal crosstalk since ethernet signals are sent...
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    Quality DMX Cable? (and Pin Connectors)

    I regularly use and install TMB's DataPlex DMX cable. Its available in standard and plenum rated. Although for install use, in conduit is preferred. They also have an uprated version called ProPlex that is practically indestructable. Its excellent for rental and touring use. For a theatre...
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    Strand 300 Series

    Our venerable Strand programmer recommends checking the dimmer screen to make sure that values are not assigned directly to a dimmer. This will supersede anything entered in the patch screen.
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    Favorite Gobo Rotator?

    I prefer the Apollo gobo rotators to the GAM units. Apollo makes a good, quality unit. Parts are readily available and inexpensive. They also have a vertical "rotator" in their series that allows you to do gobo shake and/or use 2 patterns in one unit. I have several SmartMoves and SmartMove...
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    Cyc lighting challenge

    Welcome to the Forums! I am with Van, but you need to figure out several things to get good coverage. Where are the leko's living? How far from the cyc is it? How wide is the cyc? and How wide does each stripe need to be? That will tell you optimum degree. 50 is a very good bet though.
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    Gel Frames on P64 LED?

    increases your coverage area although it sacrifices your output slightly. Also can help smooth out the color mix for the lower end LED PAR's.
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    Gel Frames on P64 LED?

    its all good :)
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    Frontal Accessories for the VL1000

    To answer the question, any 7.5 in Leko accessory will technically fit. However, anything but a gel frame or a top/half hat will void your warranty. This is per my manufacturing rep @ Genlyte/Vari*Lite.