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    Lapel Mics

    I definately have to agree with avkid on this one. I have uses surgical tape to hold my lavs up on so many shows. It's inexpensive, and it really works, even through some of the sweatiest shows.
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    damn was that funny stuff to read!
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    Impressive new speaker system

    You got some wicked cool speakers there man...I'd love to get my hands on a pair of those babies. Where can I get a set?
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    Post your FOH pictures

    Hey all got some really cool venues. I'm just starting off as a newbie to the whole sound gig, so I could sure use about as much help and hints on stuff as I can get on just about everything. Catch ya later dudes.
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    The one stop Stage Management Software Solution

    I can't get the page to come up...the search engines don't show that site. I have tried Google, Yahoo, MSN, and AOL. None of them show this site.
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    Corn chips in the booth.

    OMG!!! Having food and drinks at the tech boards!! You gotta be nuts! What were you thinking?? You can do some serious damage with that stuff!
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    Curtain call for crew?

    I'm not gonna lay on a whole bunch of description as to how a curtain call should be run, but I personally think that the tech crew DOES deserve to get a bow. I mean, they worked hard on the show too, so why should they just sit behind the wings and not get any recognition for the job they...
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    What should I do?

    It is a 8 channel sound board, but only 2 of the channels are being used. There are a lot of sound and light cues being used in this show........small theatre, complicated tech....go figure.
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    Which is better?

    thanks for the idea Ray. I'm sure the shrinking thing will come in handy when i take down my notes for blocking and for cues.
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    What should I do?

    Thanks for the advice guys... It seems that there are going to be alot of cues, both for sound and lights. That, and it appears, they upgraded just recently to an 8 channel board. There are going to be lots of cues in this show. Thanks again for your helps guys.
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    What should I do?

    I have a rather small tech booth, with an ETC Express 250 board for lights, and a 2 channel mixer for sound. Should I pull someone in to run that for me during the show, or should I run that stuff myself?
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    Which is better?

    Which is better to have for a prompt book: two pages of script on both sides of a page in the book? or one page of script on only one side of a page, then use a whole new page of paper for the next page of script?
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    Stage Management Software

    The websites you guys provided were helpful, but, there are still some things I can't find: sign-in sheets master cue sheets lighting cue sheets sound cue sheets
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    Mic'ing a piano

    If i saw the house tech doing that...i would have taken over his job in a snap, and been able to do his job much more efficiently. I mean, you don't tape a mic into a piano like that. If you're gonna use a mic on a piano, use a boom...NEVER EVER TAPE IT IN TO PIANO!! Oh well..nothing more...
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    Techie Proverbs

    well...that's one way to put it Len. I guess if that is the only way for some people to remember which end goes where on things, I guess then, you might as well go with the flow.