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    Colleges for Lighting Design

    UNCSA's program is rigorous, unique and not for everybody. That being said, if its the right place for you you'll know. No Program is perfect, you just need to find the one that fits you best. Its your education, no one elses.... You get to decide the path you want to take and weather the cost...
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    Control/Dimming Looking for a Good Show Control Program

    If you have access to a PC Freestyler DMX is free to use, and you can get a DMX to USB Dongle from Enttec for cheap ENTTEC- Lighting Control,RDM,DMX USB PRO. MagicQ PC is a good program, once you get the hang of it. If I were you I would get the dongle from Enttec because most of the programs...
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    Concert Lighting Competition?

    That sounds like a great idea. Personally April would only work the first 2 weeks because I have 5 shows in the 2nd two (also I live in socal so its a drive)... I would love to help you organize this and possibly compete, we could get local companies to donate prizes, see if your faculty will...
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    Concert Lighting Competition?

    I think summer would have it's up's and down's because although more people would be available for summer but word would be harder to spread.
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    Concert Lighting Competition?

    I'm graduating this year and would love to attend such an event. I'm a pretty fast programmer so I think the programmer is not needed as long as I know the console 3 days before. (believe it or not, i'm one of those people that reads the manual so I know how to use things) I could probably...
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    Looking to rent headsets/ beltpacks

    Hmmm, I should check, will a clearcom or telex work with a PI power supply and integrate with the rest of the headsets?
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    Looking to rent headsets/ beltpacks

    Hey, i'm doing a production of Little Shop of Horrors in April and i'm looking to rent 2 Production Intercom beltpacks and headsets to tie in with our current system, but I can't seem to find a rental house in Southern CA that rents Production Intercoms, anyone know where I can rent some? Any...
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    Chamsys MagicQ and other pc based consoles

    I haven't actually bought it yet, but I have heard that the MagicQ and one of the PC interfaces is a great combo, you get full computer control with a dedicated console. They are pretty expensive which is why I don't own one yet.
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    Back stage lights - adviseable to use CFLs?

    From my experience CFLs are extremely powerful and bright, which is great.... but the downside is, in my small theater they bleed on the stage when turned on in the wings, I had to fashion top hats out of black foil to prevent the blue light from bleeding on to our stage during blackouts...
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    Aurora Borealis Effect, Outside. No fog or haze.

    I don't think the rest of the world would be very happy about me destroying Mercury....
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    Aurora Borealis Effect, Outside. No fog or haze.

    Still open to suggestions though, they want the effect outside of the cave as well.
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    Aurora Borealis Effect, Outside. No fog or haze.

    Thanks, didn't think of that! That will work beautifully!
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    Aurora Borealis Effect, Outside. No fog or haze.

    Hey guys it's been a while since I posted but I really need some advice. I'm designing an outdoor exhibit type thing, and the client needs an aurora borealis effect inside the fake "ice-cave" and outside. My idea was to use Rosco X-24 effect projectors with colorwave gobos, however, since there...
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    Automated Fixtures Moving Light Shrapnel Hazard

    Try chauvet LED moving heads.
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    Projecting a live feed

    This may not be in your budget but I use an edirol out to a bank of monitors and a mixer, the camera is a cannon XF100, we just use the standard 1/8" to RCA plug that into the edirol and convert it to bnc for long runs.