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    What would it cost to hire a scenic carpentry instructor

    I work as a carpenter and charge $45 an hour. I work in the high school set shop. You would have to pay e at least $60 an hour to teach them. I end up doing most of of the work with 1 or 2 people who can follow directions well. Not sure if it'd be easy to find an instructor willing to work...
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    Portfolio presentation for college

    I did not apply, or even sign up to get information from the school. But i've come to find out that the professor heard of me from another Professor at the University of Northern Colorado, who had seen my design work for several shows.
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    Portfolio presentation for college

    I was contacted by a Professor at CU Boulder, he sent me a letter requesting that i come to the campus and present to him my portfolio. Is this a usual thing? Do professors commonly contact potential students and ask them to come present there portfolio?
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    High school technical theater how to videos

    what topics would you like to go more in depth on? I deal mostly in set design and construction, as i'm a finish carpenter so a large portion of the lessons would be on set construction techniques, and process, but what other areas on the tech side could be covered more extensively without...
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    Prop - Beer head (foam)

    only Guinness will hold a head for 15 minutes. So i would just have a head when it's put on stage, and then as it settles no one will notice.
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    Kite effect in the house?

    you can use your spotlight to do this effect. Simply make your own gobo of a kite and attach it to your spotlight. then you can easily control the kite.
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    High school technical theater how to videos

    Thank you for the link to the georgia education standards. I was intending to have these videos geared more towards high school after school show production. They would allow for tech directors to help inform the crews on proper safety, and use of equipment, so nothing is left out, or...
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    High school technical theater how to videos

    i am familiar with the video series you mentioned. what i would attempt to do is present the information, in an entertaining and riveting fashion without sacrificing content.
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    High school technical theater how to videos

    I have been considering doing a video series geared towards high school theaters. It would cover basic set craft, lighting design and equipment, wireless, and hand held mic use, publicity basics, prop selection and acquisition, and basic costuming. Are there any suggestions on what to cover...
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    Techie sayings

    our most popular ones are: "F*** it, we'll do it live." "Sh**manship, it's what we do." "Screw it, we'll dutch it" "Shhhh MathaF***a" "There are boats on ships." "We make you look pretty, you just say what some old guy tells you." "Can we learn to close a door quietly?" "Don't sweat the...
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    Noises Off Set Help

    i feel like not having the full flight of stairs would take away from the play a lot, as the running up and down the stairs, the separation of the upstairs from the main floor, and the falling down the stairs, makes the play. This show is really not suited for a small theater.