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    Retainer Position - Pay Scale

    Thank you for the thoughts. That is what I was thinking.
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    Retainer Position - Pay Scale

    Hello All, I apologize if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find anything in my searches. I have been approached by a small community theater to consider being on retainer as a 'consultant.' From the brief conversations we have had they need someone to review design plans, make...
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    Control/Dimming Chauvet ShowXpress for Theaters

    I have used the program before for a theater application and I do not recommend it. There is a way to change the fade time, but your options are to only have that one fade or a bump out. There isn't a way (and I could be wrong, but never found it and never received a different answer from the...
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    Bodybuilder Event wants to Spray Tan?

    I've worked on a couple of these events. They had pop-up tanning booths set up in one room and then ran butcher block paper from there, down the hallway and then into the wing.
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    ETC Element: Pallette for Chauvet LFS-75 Watt DMX LED

    Yes. My apologies, I did mean the fixture profile. I figured I would probably have to create one, but just wanted to see if anyone knew of one that existed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    ETC Element: Pallette for Chauvet LFS-75 Watt DMX LED

    Hello All: I have recently completed a patch on the ETC Element of a lighting system for a local high school. Their equipment includes: - Strand SLs - Chauvet COLORado Batten 144 Tours - Chauvet COLORdash Par Quads - Chauvet Intimidator Spot LED 350s - Chauvet LFS-75 DMX: Focus Spot I have...
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    Painted Stage Floor Issues

    I don't believe it was sanded. We went through a renovation back in the summer of 2012 and they purchased all new Masonite. In the wings there has been little damage done to the black coat they put on. It was a higher grade paint with a better sheen than flat. The White Coat was put on top of...
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    Painted Stage Floor Issues

    Hello All, I am not sure if this is the correct forum, but couldn't really figure out where to post this. Our stage floor is covered in Masonite and painted black. We generally paint the stage floor for every production and use a variety of different paints. We exclusively used Glidden Flat...
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    Automated Fixtures VL1100s - Strange Color Mixing

    1. These were brand new fixtures from Vari-Lite, so they did not come with any gobos in them. 2. It doesn't appear to be with all colors, mostly when you get into the Red/Amber range. It appears as though the yellow is making its way in. I have been adjusting the lamp placement from fixture...
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    Automated Fixtures VL1100s - Strange Color Mixing

    The VL1100 is a CMY fixture.
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    Automated Fixtures VL1100s - Strange Color Mixing

    Hello, We have installed four VL1100s (VL1100 AS) into our lighting grid. I have been able to program, patch, address, and run the lights. I am currently having issues with the color mixing. I am utilizing an ETC Ion 1000, so the patch is for VL1000 AS. The current issue is that when selecting...
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    Vectorworks 2012 - Symbols for newer lights

    Hello All, We have recently purchased 22 - ETC Desire D40 Lustr+ lights and 4 - VL1100s w/ shutters. I do the majority of the CAD drawing for the theater and have started to try and update the plots to show the locations of these new fixtures. I am using Vectorworks 2012 and have been unable to...
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    Camera Type for a Video Feed to backstage

    I have been looking over many of the similar discussions to this, but I haven't found what I am looking for yet. In the facility I work in, the Stage Manager desk has no view of the stage, unless they leave the desk and walk upstage of the Proscenium. About a year ago, I purchased a wireless...
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    Is there a lighting console that works like this?

    We just recently purchased two Ions for our auditorium, needed at two separate locations. During training, a preset was discussed. I have not had to build a show yet, but from my understanding you record the preset look and use that to build your cues. If you decide to go in and change the...
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    Prospot 250 lx capacitor goes boom

    Faulty construction or ??