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    What Streaming platform are you using?

    I was going to suggest Teams depending on your answer to MRW's question :) . Who can't you get permission from - your district IS guys or Microsoft?
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    I love these kind of random, bizarre, beautiful things. Thanks for sharing.
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    I've used Jira and (now) Azure DevOps for sprints at work. They both have some nice features - they're online, they have virtual task boards so I get the satisfaction of moving my work from planned to completed, the ability to assign tasks to other people and then get alerts when they change...
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    More Covidiots/ranting.

    We may not even have a program at all after this. Remote school until at least November, who knows what kinds of access restrictions on the building for non-school personnel after that. On-going restrictions against large indoor gatherings. No shows for the ‘20-‘21 school year. Add in the drain...
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    Health Benefits for Technicians who are Laid Off?

    It’s going to depend on where you are too. Different states have different exchanges, different rules. If you’re in an expansion state Medicaid might be an option too. Your state’s health department website should have some info. All that assumes you live in the US, though.
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    Re-opening Procedure after Covid-19

    @josh88 i was more commenting on the “no patrons over 55 and/or no preexisting conditions” policy proposed by @BillConnerFASTC. *tongue in cheek Bill*. I’ve been to enough baseball games I’m very familiar with the you won’t sue us disclaimer.
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    Re-opening Procedure after Covid-19

    Totally get where you’re coming from, but doesn’t this also seem like a lawsuit waiting to happen?
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    A logo of solidarity

    Been thinking about how I want to respond to this since Dave started the thread. First, thank you @dvsDave for starting this conversation - it's not an easy one but it is necessary. Totally agree with some of the things Mike and others have said - yes, definitely push legislation and lobby...
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    COVID-19: CB's house nurse takes your questions

    So it might be a virus that spreads through the air like the flu but then attacks the bloodstream like Ebola? ... 😳 That’s nice.
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    If you're a teacher.......

    Not a teacher but I volunteer with my kids school theater group. As much as I’d like to, I don’t see a scenario where I’m allowed back into the school before 2021. If they reopen in September it’s most likely students, teachers, and essential staff only. With no extracurriculars only book...
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    Re-opening Procedure after Covid-19

    Looking at the schools section it seems like theater programs, especially ones (like mine) that are heavily volunteer dependent, will be among the last things to restart. Which is about what I figured. Reopen in the fall but only for classroom activities, with students, teachers, and essential...
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    Some good from all this

    Yeah the hospital system I work for got the go ahead to start elective procedures again a couple weeks ago. Of course there are conditions around surge capacity, stocks of PPE on hand, OR and ICU availability, etc. etc. Gonna be a long, slow ramp up but it’s a start.
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    Will Music Livestreams Have Any Staying Power After The Pandemic Subsides?

    I can’t see live-streams replacing live performance, just augmenting it and providing another access point for the public (and revenue stream for the artists and production companies).
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    Will Music Livestreams Have Any Staying Power After The Pandemic Subsides?

    I’ve been doing this for a while. Most of the music I like is more focused on live shows (think Phish, Widespread Panic, bands like that) who will often live-stream big shows like New Years Eve, and randomly other shows as well. It’s kind of nice especially now that I’m an Old with kids, and...
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    So... who still has a job?

    Same in Oregon. Big part of the problem is that the IT system they have to process the claims is literally from the Reagan administration and uses COBOL, a programming language roughly the equivalent to Aramaic as far as anyone who can speak it. They basically said that to overwrite the one week...