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    What do you guys think of this system?

    if I were you and could afford it, I would try to jump from teh LS9 to the M7CL. the M7 already has 48 channels, eliminating the need to buy expansions and, while you lose the custom layer, you gain DCAs. Even without having the custom layer, you have the ability to mult channels and flexibly...
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    Small Cheap Sound Board?

    hi, i havent been on this site in a few years so you all probably dont remember me, but I used to be a big poster... mackie has one thats alright. I would probably go with that. in this industry you get what you pay for. There is no such thing as cheap and good quality, and you can...
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    No Short Speakon Cables?

    its much cheaper to make your own cable anyway.
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    Random Humor of the Theater

    before our last show, we did a pre show sing on headset. basically me (sound), the lighting ppl and the SMs had headsets, and we were singing showtunes from the show we were working on, once upon a mattress. the rest of the crew backstage, my sfx person and the spot ops were rather freaked out.
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    looking for nancy wray

    you should try one of those services they advertise online that are designed to find old hs friends.
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    homemade truss

    yea u got it right, more of a tower to hold fixtures. getting weight should be easy, i can use extra weigh from the fly system and if thats not enough i can steal from the gym.
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    homemade truss

    i didnt mean to hang it, i meant more as a freestanding thing, like a dj truss size frame to hang lights on. the one i made out of wood is pretty sturdy, i would not hang fixtures on it out of fear of the wood snapping, but i dont see why if i were to make something out of 4x4 that was...
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    homemade truss

    a while ago i made a truss type thing for a photo shoot i was experimenting with, my other hobby is photograpy. anyway, my photo lights all have stands, but i wanted to use clamplights for additional lighting. i built a frame out of 2x4 that is probably about 8 feet tall and 12 feet wide. it...
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    radio frequency switch

    sux that they changed the frequncies on you... glad im not the one working. anyway, idk why anyone would label the boards like that, it could have been our less experienced tech, but he seemed to have a good handle on things when i showed him everything. w/e just rip the tape off.
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    Football Field Thoughts

    and rain... if your speakers are not waterproof you dont want to do that. i generally like to avoid bringing too much of my own equipment to school on a regular basis. i have a huge toolchest full of tools, equipment and food that is under my own lock and key. the only ppl with access to...
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    Moving lights

    illusion mentioned a "flick" we had a situation like that with a moving mirror attached to a S4. the solution was to put a terminator(i think thats what its called) on the dmx out on the mirror.
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    More newbie! ~ Hiya i'm Laura

    hi laura! hmm... blobby? like the light is out of focus? that could probably be fairly easily fixed... i dont know that much about followspots, but if its not focusing well a little wd40 might be all you need.
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    Safety Cables

    I went to home depot once to see if i could just make safety cables and they told me that the handheld crimping tool they had was not powerful enough to be reaonably sure that it would hold. they told me that when safety cables are made they use a motorized crimping too. so my question to...
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    What is wrong with this picture - safety?

    what you said, ricc0luuke is true, but you never find pure H2O, unless you are working in a lab. regular tap water has other substances in it, though not nearly as much as a pool, but because you never know what it will do you should not rely on the fact that H2O itself conducts poorly. a...
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    yea... the director decided to have the POPAS (parents of performing arts students) take care of the lobby. I told them about my idea and how awesome it would be and expalined that i could do it, but would need to have it done before we loaded in the set and lighting for the show, beacuse i...