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    Control/Dimming ETC ION Service Manual

    The other day my ION shut down. I called ETC and they advised me my hard drive needed to be reseated. They sent me this file with instructions on how to open it up. If its outdated I dont know maybe they sent me an old one. I do know I opened it up and fixed it. However I would not open it...
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    Control/Dimming ETC ION Service Manual

    I had to do this the other day.
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    Can A Fire Marshal Ban Haze???

    WOW this got off topic I think. Im done...
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    Can A Fire Marshal Ban Haze???

    Its just not possible that a University would have HUNDREDS of firefighters and cops on duty. 4 men per truck/engine so that would mean that in his immediate area at the University there are a minimum of 25 trucks/engines. Thats just to make 100. Not even HUNDREDS. New York City only has 11,000...
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    Can A Fire Marshal Ban Haze???

    Learm something new? Why? They dont have to. There job is to keep the event safe. If they feel haze, smoke, pyro whatever poses a risk to anyone in the building then guess what? You loose. You cannot win fighting the FD. You will loose and they can shut you down. Ive been in places where...
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    visualizer software

    Thank you!
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    visualizer software

    Any cheap or even better free visualizer software to use with the ION?
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    upgrade of lighting control board - need advice

    I use an ION with 1 touch screen, a 2X20 fader wing. I have about 35 movers, some LEDS and about 250 conventionals(give or take). I came from using an ETC Obsession and have not had any problem. We do music acts but I have time to write cues so I dont do a lot on the fly. One thing is that we...
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    Control/Dimming ETC Express restarts self/ resets patch 1-to-1

    Ive actually had this same problem. I had to send the board in for repair and was told it was a faulty capacitor. Got the board back and have not had the issue again.
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    knots for feeder cable

    Funny Ive worked in NY for 20 years and never come across this. Unless I did and just didnt know why the rope was there!!!
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    Runway Rope Light Help

    I've done this a bunch of times and used clear tape. Just take your time when taking it off.
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    Helllllllllp! on the Ion

    If the fader wing is not attached to the board check to see that the power plug in the back has not been pulled out. As far as the intensity of the LED's just just select the channel and give it a new value. Good luck Chris
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    Macro for master cue hold?

    I may be reading this wrong but couldnt you just write a "stop" cue? You could put a follow with a time on it so it would take the next cue in time. So say you have a cue 4 with your effects running. Make a cue 5 with everything static. Record that with a follow time however long you want. Then...