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    Boom Base add casters

    You are correct, it was not new. It had, however, sat outside in the sun and rain at the salvage yard, so I’m 93% sure it wasn’t too gross. Gross was augering “feminine hygiene products” out of a residential drain this morning. My new job as a maintenance guy is less glamorous than theater...
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    Boom Base add casters

    I actually wheeled one of those bases for a student show! We were doing it for scenic reasons, though. I would say, yes, you can wheel them, but it’s not great. I’ve never seen stem casters with double locks, so I love the droopy sandbag fix someone else suggested.
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    Microphone sterilization

    I don’t know about you, but touched by hands or not, I’d still worry about transmission. Mics only work if you get your mouth close to them. I absolutely agree with the method of dealing with them that you outlined, and love the comparison to dog poo. It really described the method in terms...
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    Microphone sterilization

    Crazy question, would swapping foam windscreens achieve anything? I’m talking the external, foam clown nose style here. I don’t know if they protect the mic itself at all from aerosolized spittle. It seems easy and cheap enough to keep a bunch of them and have a gloved, masked tech swap them...
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    Microphone sterilization

    Your school may have a UV cabinet already. Check with the science lab and the wood shop, they frequently use them for sanitizing eye protection.
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    Safety line across proscenium

    What about a beam clamp attached to the plate, with an eyebolt screwed into it? The thinnest part of the beam clamp would be inside the pocket, the eyebolt and barrier rope would land on the upstage. It’s all rated hardware, and is easily removable. You could do multiples and use the tennis...
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    Light fixture safety cables

    Bill: This was extremely informative. Despite what I thought was good training in college, I’ve been doing a number of things wrong. Not as wrong as some of the rigging I’ve seen over the years, but enough. Thanks for the link!
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    Sign hung issue

    In the hook illustration, doesn’t the side force of the two cables on the hook need to be accounted for? The hook is rated for that force in a single point vertical lift. Todd, I’m with you, there’s no safety margin at all. Also, does it bug anyone else that the cables are drawn without...
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    Light fixture safety cables

    I'd love to know the actual answer to that, because it's entirely possible that my training in college was incomplete. We were told no excess sticking out. Whatever the answer, if excess is necessary in a situation, I wrap that up with e-tape, or I shrink tube the end of the cable if I know...
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    Light fixture safety cables

    I've seen exactly one c-clamp fail, and it was due to an instrument being struck by a passing flown scenic piece. We don't just have to account for the shock load of a falling instrument, but also try to allow for the potential force from an object dragging the instrument with it. Obviously we...
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    New lighting system

    One of the venues I frequently work in is an old movie house. The renovation included a full dimmer system, even though the remodel was only completed ~4 years ago. It still works great for the intelligent fixtures, since the dimmers can all be used as true relays as well. I'd make two...
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    Re-purposing a screen

    If its functional, and you have the room to store it, I dig that idea. If you don't have fly space, you could achieve some cool effects with it. I'd experiment well before you need it, especially if there are limiters or something that are going to affect the length of the scroll you can...
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    Dance Lighting Suggestions

    Some birdies or led pars as foot lights could be fun, no new hang positions needed. I also like the idea of gobos, maybe from the top of the booms, cross shooting the stage?
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    Singer throws mic at technician at concert

    Did anyone else notice the lyrics scrolling on a monitor on stage? Not knowing his material throws him into a completely different light in my book.
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    Materials to use for a hollow hemisphere

    Ram Board could work. It's a cardboard roll product, used to protect floors during construction. Cutting ellipses out of it and gluing them together would be pretty strong. Would require some calculating to make the proper template to cut the pieces. Might also require a coat of fiberglass...