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    Radio Earpieces

    Are they the audio coil kind? I've had these plain earpieces and they work well.
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    Backup generator for a theater

    You actually can get battery backups (that meet life safety backup requirements) that are capable of running elevators, as long as the elevator doesn't regen back to the power line.
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    Male XLR wall jacks only?

    Or outputs intended for powered speakers.
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    Running a hazer with smoke alarms in exhaust ducts

    Maybe stating the obvious, but it might be worth talking to either the alarm company or a mechanical engineer. I make no claims of being an expert, but there are some exceptions to when exhaust duct smoke detectors are required. It also looks like they don't have to trigger an alarm, only issue...
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    2019 Mac Pro — crazy or not?

    Four streams of what? What kind of software? What kind of source? I've had four "streams" of video running off my 15" 2016 MacBook Pro from ProPresenter (live video and multiple discrete outputs, plus operator display) with no problems. And nine "streams" of 1080p video using Qlab and two...
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    Broadcasting Legality Questions

    You'll have to contact whoever the music is bought from, and see what they allow. More than likely, they'll all say no. Some may allow you to buy rights to broadcast it however.
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    Mac ProPresenter to iPad for Visually Impaired

    The app is intended for a presenter to control the deck, and do so very quickly. It does not transmit high quality graphics.
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    Fog machine spitting fluid

    When's the last time it was cleaned? We run around 50 fog machines and that fixes a surprising majority of the problems we have. Including things like this.
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    Mac ProPresenter to iPad for Visually Impaired

    Airplay is going to be miserable. Any connect/disconnect of a display is going to cause the Mac to refresh its displays, regardless of Mac mini vs iMac or physical vs AirPlay. And ProPresenter doesn't always follow those changes while running well. I might take a look at some of the different...
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    3 Phase vs. 220 V for running revolve drive

    If you're driving a three phase motor on a single phase VFD, you'll need to derate the drive - generally by about half. Long feeds to the drive aren't necessarily bad, although you'll want to make sure you have a local service disconnect at the VFD if the (very) remote panel is more than 50' or...
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    Control System for misters and LX

    Without any idea of the skills or budget available, I might suggest looking into Weigl hardware and VenueMagic software. The solenoids for the valves will determine what kind of IO you need to have available. VenueMagic allows for controlling and sequencing the solenoids in the same environment...
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    No more GrandMasters on ETC consoles

    Personally, I never have events where a blackout from a GM is ever really a good response. I'd much rather have a panic button on a magic sheet that triggered a controlled fade to a decent look on stage. And for ease of training or quick action, you could very easily use the contact closure...
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    Are 3D printed props worth it?

    I would say yes, if you're going to go with high end printers and continue to use it. If it's this thing off in the corner that isn't used because no one really knows how to use it, or because it keeps breaking, then find a different cool new toy and continue the partnership with the science...
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    Need a Powered 8" monitor

    Powered K8's are ridiculously nice sounding for the size. Except as a monitor they're obnoxious because they don't have a way to set them sideways at an angle.
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    Mixing Amp Fan Directions

    If the rack has rear rails and an open front/back, putting the RMX in backwards (mounted on the rear rails) would be the easiest. Then the air flow is all the same direction, even if it looks a little silly.