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    New Band Teacher Thrown into teaching Technical Theatre

    Seconded to all the books referenced. Whenever I get in a pickle I generally turn to one of those titles. As far as working with high schoolers, I have found that it varies a great deal, as with any other crew you may work with. I run a scene shop for a summer camp, where other than myself...
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    Wireless Shopping for a new wireless system

    A Shure ULX system is far superior, especially at that price point. Depending on what you are looking for, the Audio Technica 5000 system offers a feature set similar to Shure UHF-R at a much lower price point, though I have noticed the audio quality isn't quite comparable. If you are looking...
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    Hello from Boston

    New member, but constant visitor. The discussions here have helped me over many a hurdle in my productions. I'm the Technical Director for upstart theatre company here in Boston and freelance lighting/live sound as well. Looking forwarding to more illuminating conversations. ~Chris